What are RV Parks In Mexico like?

Are you ready to take off south of the border and begin your Mexico RV camping adventure?  If it’s your first time you may be wondering what RV parks in Mexico are like.

Whether you are looking for a quick beach getaway in San Felipe on the Baja peninsula or Mazatlan in mainland Mexico, there are a few things you should know about RV camping in Mexico.

From electricity, to amenities, cost, and more, this blog post will share exactly what RV parks are like and Mexico so you can prepare for what’s sure to be the trip of a lifetime.

Electricity at rv parks in mexico

RV parked on the beach at an RV park in Mexico.

Let’s start with the big one, electricity. Although most RV Parks have some sort of eclectic hookups, they are likely not grounded, underpowered or overpowered, and only have 15 amp outlets available, so make sure to bring a 50 amp or 30 amp adapter (we’d recommend having two).

Given the unreliability of the electrical current in RV parks in Mexico, many times you’ll be without. If you are the type of traveler that needs A/C or you are looking to travel during the sweltering summer months take caution. 

The constant fluctuation in electricity can cause power outages or worse, fry your RV’s electrical equipment. It is very important to invest in an EMS (Electrical Management System) Surge Protector and always use it.

If you are traveling to a well known RV tourist area, you will probably have better luck as many of these larger RV parks along the coast, like San Felipe, Puerto Penasco, or Matzatlan cater towards American RVers. At these parks you can probably find 30 and 50 amp outlets with more stable electricity along with other common amenities from RV parks in the USA or Canada.

Planning to drive to mexico?

If you plan to drive your car or RV to Mexico you’ll need to purchased special Mexican liability insurance before you enter the country. This is not optional!

Get a free quote for the required insurance from Mexpro in minutes.

Drinking water in mexico

RV in front of Agua Purificada plant for water in Mexico.

Drinking the tap water in Mexico is dangerous and can give you a bad case of Montezuma’s revenge or worse, seriously ill. Even the locals don’t drink tap water! Tap water is not potable in Mexico, but you have a few options when it comes to drinking water and filling your RV tanks. 

Many RV Parks in Mexico will offer water hookups which you can still use for washing dishes, showers, flushing toilets but not for drinking. We personally used this water in our RV and got fresh drinking water from a 5 gallon garrafon of water and a 2.5 gallon countertop water dispenser.

Garrafons can be traded out at grocery stores and convenient stores or refilled directly at the water purification plant, Agua Purificadora.

Another option is to fill your tanks at an Agua Purificadora directly. This will require you to seek out a Agua Purificadora location where you can fill your garrafon or tanks — which can be tricky. Very few are big rig friendly and it will likely require a siphon or special equipment to pump the water into your RV.

The last option is to fill your tanks at the campsite and then purify the water by mixing in a few tablespoons of chlorine. Mexican supermarkets or supermercados will carry chlorine used for treating and purifying tap water. The water might not taste as good as bottled water but it isn’t that bad and it is safe for drinking.

getting internet at rv parks in mexico

Digital nomad working on laptop and cell phone on beach in Mexico.

Many Mexico RV parks will provide some sort of free Wifi service as part of your daily rate but the connection might not be strong or only available in parts of the park. Some nicer RV parks in Mexico will charge you separately for a good wifi connection. But if you are a digital nomad and rely on good internet connection, the best option is to get a Telcel SIM card for your phone.

A Telcel SIM card will also give you better cell phone reception throughout the country. Telcel SIM cards are available at OXXO convenience stores which are abundant in Mexico. Once the data has run out, find another OXXO store and easily add more money to your plan. You can also re-up data through the mobile app.

Starlink is another great option for getting internet in places that normally wouldn’t have cell service. The satellite based internet service only needs a clear point of view to get connection in the most remote places. We recently purchased Starlink and it has been a game changer for staying connected in Mexico.

Can you bring pets to mexico in an RV?

Cat looking out window at rv park in Guanajuato Mexico.

You can definitely bring your pets to Mexico with you on your RV. However,  it’s important to be aware of your surroundings as you explore with your pets.

Many Mexican campgrounds managers have their own dogs onsite and off leash. Most are friendly and well accustomed to frequent visitors but some are not always friendly. Be cautious when introducing your dogs and ask the campground managers if there are any precautions to take for your pet’s safety.

It is not uncommon to see unleashed dogs from other visitors at Mexican RV parks, or stray dogs from the area so be aware if you have pets and keep them leashed even if they are well trained.

Mexican street dogs tend to be aloof but friendly and almost never neutered. Many Mexicans keep dogs as their home security system. A simple stroll down a Mexican neighborhood with your dog can set off canine “alarm systems” left and right. It might be good practice to walk around an area by yourself and assess before you bring your canine companion.

mexico rv park amenities & noise

Person lying in hammock in front of RV on the beach at an RV park in Mexico.

Fireworks, loud music, traffic, barking dogs, Mexico is not always a quiet place. Expect some amount of noise level while RV camping in Mexico, especially within large cities and even small towns during festivals. Not much you can do about this except to bring earplugs if you are a light sleeper or join the party.

Amenities in Mexican RV parks can vary greatly just like in the US or Canada. What you will find at a typical RV Park in Mexico might include a communal area or kitchen, bathrooms, and showers. Although hot water isn’t guaranteed.

Many parks in the warmer parts of the country will also have a pool or beach access. Rarely they will have laundry machines for use. Most RV Parks in Mexico will provide full hookup for your rig (electric, water, sewer) but some might only have electric and water. If you need a place to dump, make sure to check before you go.

Popular destinations for RVers for example, the Baja Peninsula and the west coast of mainland Mexico around Puerto Vallarta or Mazatlan have more full amenity RV parks than more rural less visited areas of the country.

how much do rv parks in mexico cost?

RV Park in Mexico.

Mexican RV parks are generally cheaper than those north of the border. Expect to pay an average of $10 – $20 USD ($300-$400 pesos) per night.

Many Mexican RV parks do not take reservations, they might not even have a website. If you are heading towards a destination it’s always good to call ahead or message through WhatsApp to ask if there is space available for your size rig. 

For larger, nicer RV Parks in tourist destinations along the coast expect to pay closer to $25 – $30 USD ($500-$600 pesos) per night. These types of parks typically do have online reservation systems in place and offer more amenities usually. Make sure to book in advance if traveling during the popular snowbird season!

Mexico is a beautiful country full of incredible history, culture, food and the nicest people in the world. Taking an RV trip through Mexico can present new challenges but if prepared, should not inconvenience you or limit your sense of adventure. Buying the right gear, understanding your water source options, and figuring out your communication needs will go a long way in making your visit to Mexico one to remember for the right reasons.


Liz & Dennis

Liz & Dennis


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