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We’re two travel-loving, real estate investing, foodies exploring North America as full-time RV’ers. This blog is where we share our lessons learned, tips and tricks, and favorite places to eat, see, and RV across North America! We hope it helps you find your wanderlust, plan and prepare for RV life, and get out on the road!


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12 Must-Have Items For RVing in Mexico

12 Must-Have Items for RVing in MexicoDo you dream of RVing in Mexico for to escape the cold next winter? There’s no shortage of fantastic beaches, activities, food, and fun waiting for you in Mexico. But this isn’t a trip you can do without proper planning. RVing in...

Complete Travel Guide to Valle de Guadalupe

Complete Travel Guide to Valle de GuadalupeJust an hour and half south of San Diego nestled in the mountains of Ensenada, Baja California Norte, is Valle de Guadalupe. This under-the-radar destination is Mexico’s largest region producing around 80% to 90% of all...

Top Things to Do, See, and Eat in San Cristobal de Las Casas

Top Things to Do, See, and Eat in San Cristobal de Las CasasLocated in the southern Mexican state of Chiapas, San Cristobal de Las Casas is one of Mexico’s most charming, unique, and vibrant cities. This pueblo magico has a distinct character and multifaceted culture...

The Ultimate Travel Guide to Visiting Veracruz Mexico

The Ultimate Travel Guide to Visiting Veracruz MexicoVeracruz, Mexico Veracruz, Mexico is the largest city in the state of Veracruz. Being the oldest and largest port in Mexico, Veracruz is full of crumbling colonial style buildings. But don't let the architectural...

8 Things You Need For Crossing the Mexican Border

Check and make sure you have everything you need to have with you when crossing the Mexico border.

Mexico Travel Made Easy: The Ultimate Guide to Traveling Mexico

A look at everything you should know about Mexico travel. We’re sharing our Mexico travel guide so you can find everything you need to know.

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RV Videos

handling stress on the road

Have you ever felt like sometimes everything goes wrong at the same time? Don’t worry, us too! Liz & Dennis share their favorite tips to help you deal with a “Bermuda Triangle” situation & cope with the stress that full time RV life can cause on the road!

Prepping Your RV for Strong Winds! ?

In this video Dennis shares advice all RVers should consider when preparing your RV to handle strong wind situations, so you can stay safe, comfortable, & worry free while riding out a wind storm!

RV Solar 101
Intro to RV Solar

In this weeks video Liz & Dennis give you an overview of the basics of their DIY RV solar power system they have installed on their toy hauler. They share how RV solar actually works, what is involved in a full solar set up, and if they think its worth it.

See Inside Mo the Momentum: Full RV Tour

Take a look at our Grand Design Momentum 328M fifth wheel toy hauler. We give you the full tour, tell you what we love, what we would change, and share our beautiful home on wheels with you!

calculating your rv solar needs

Want solar for your RV or rig? This video shows you how to calculate your energy consumption and in turn determine what size batteries, power inverter, solar controller, and solar power system is best for your rig.

How to get mail on the road full time rv

In this video Liz talks about our full time travel mail situation. How to choose forwarding services, why Amazon Prime & Thrive Market are must haves and where to get your mail sent safely.

Benefits & How to Use a Composting Toilet

We talk about what a composting toilet is & how it works. We show you the features of our Nature’s Head Composting Toilet, how to change the compost, dump the liquids tank. We also give you tips & insights on the benefits and drawbacks of having a composting toilet on your RV!

How to get Internet on the Road

We work online, & as full time RV travelers getting good wifi reception in order to check emails & run the business is essential for our full time RV life. In this video, we show you how we get wifi on the Road so we can work from even the most remote places!

Top 5 Unexpected Things as Full Time RV’ers

In this honest video, we tell you our top 5 unexpected things about life on the road as full time RV’ers. I wonder if you can guess them before watching? We hope it will help you be more prepared for full time RV camping than we were!

How to Manually Retract Lippert LCI Hydraulic Landing Gear

We got stranded on Mt. Washington in New Hampshire because of our landing gear. So we show you how to manually retract Lippert LCI hydraulic landing gear.

Why we choose our rig | tIPS for choosing an rv

Liz and Dennis share their 4 must have items when they chose their rig while sharing some considerations to take into account if you’re RV shopping including the pros and cons of each type of RV!

How we make money & rv full time

Liz and Dennis share how they make money and travel full time in an RV by investing in real estate! See how their specific niche of real estate investing, Non-performing Mortgage Notes, allows them location independence, to be their own boss, and make money while traveling.

Additional Costs After Buying a New RV or Fifth Wheel | Real Talk

Liz & Dennis talk about the extra things that will cost you after buying your new RV, fifth wheel, travel trailer, camper, or motorhome. It’s way more expensive than you may think!

RV BUDGET | What it cost us to full time rv 1 year

See what it cost us to live full time in our RV in our 1st year. We share our entire budget and expenses from most expensive to least expensive and go over our average cost!

planning our rv route | top 3 resources

See how Liz and Dennis plan their RV route. This video even shares their top 3 resources they use to help them find camp sites, cool and unique excursions, boondocking spots, restaurants, and more!

Thrive Market Haul | Healthy Food for Full Time RV

Thrive Market is an online market with healthy, organic, non-gmo food delivered to you wherever you are. Oh yah, and it’s 25% – 50% off normal health food store prices!

year 2 full time rv budget | full time rv costs

This is a follow up video to our year 1 budget and expenses. We share our projected year 2 budget for full time RVing. See how it compares to year 1.

Travel Videos

Free camping near Capitol Reef National Park

Liz and Dennis share the beauty of Capitol Reef National Park in Utah. We share cool hikes, gorgeous scenery, and even show you an incredible free camping spot we stay at.

Eat and See Salt Lake City, UT

We eat and see Salt Lake City UT showing you how fun and vibrant this city is. There’s nature to explore in Millcreek Canyon, fun hikes with epic views of the city, and great food and brews to enjoy.

Rv Repairs in idaho & visiting craters of the moon

We speed through Nevada to get to Idaho for an RV repair. After we arrive, the part the shop needed hadn’t arrived. We make the most of it and explore Craters of the Moon! 

evacuating northern california

Liz and Dennis visit family near Mt. Shasta. After spending quality time relaxing, cooking, and a bit of exploring a fire breaks out and forces us to evacuate.

Farmer’s market and farm shopping in ashland, oregon

We “re-set” our fifth wheel and do some shopping at a local farmers market, nearby farm and food co-op, drop off our recycling,  and show you this fun town.

waterfalls, hot springs & free camping in Oregon 

This week we stay in the Umpua National Forest at a FREE campsite. We show you the nearby natural hot springs, Toketee falls, and even visit Crater Lake National Park.

evacuating northern california

Two of Liz and Dennis’s best friends from Florida fly across country to eat and see Portland Oregon together! We wander through Portland enjoying great food, cool shops, and awesome breweries. 

Wine Tasting & farm house brews

Liz & Dennis visit the Willamette Valley staying at a Harvest Hosts free camping spot. They go on several wine tastings and tour a historic farmhouse brewery. 

Banff National Park 

We’ve heard how amazing Banff is from fellow travelers. It was no surprise it live up to its hype. We hike between 6 glaciers, watch avalanches, see incredible glacial lakes, and have an amazing 4th of July!

Caving Carlsbad Caverns | Full Time rv camping

We go caving in Carlsbad Caverns National Monument! We almost drove right by Carlsbad Caverns in a dash to make it to Roswell, NM. But, we’re so glad we decided to stop!

RV Camping | Big Bend National Park

We visited Big Bend National Park in early April and talk about the top things to do, best hikes, and important things to know before you go!

Visiting Yellowstone national park

Come see all of the beauty and wonder in our nations first national park. Liz and Dennis take you on a tour of Yellowstone and share tips to know before you go!

Dry Camping in South West FL, Pine Island

We visit art galleries, cute shops, go for sunset bike rides in a tropical paradise, tour historic Florida homes, and almost step on a snake! Pine Island really was an RV Snowbird’s paradise. Take a look at our relaxing stay in southwest Florida.

We Explore Bar Harbor & Acadia National Park, ME

We parked our Fifth Wheel Toy Hauler in Bar Harbor, Maine and spent a week exploring Acadia National Park. We did a ton of hiking, sight seeing, and even went whale watching. See what it was like as full time RV’ers in beautiful coastal Maine!

We Eat & Drink Our Faces Off In Portland Maine

We eat and drink our way through the amazing city of Portland, Maine. It’s a foodie heaven! Follow along as we ride “Sweet Lime” the Honda Goldwing F6B around this awesome town! You’ll see the food here is just so good!

Camping Letchworth State Park, NEw York

Letchworth State Park “Grand Canyon of the East” in upstate New York was voted #1 state park in the nation! 14,000 acres with 40 miles of hiking trails. We sho you the beautiful Genessee River gorge and their famous waterfalls!

Exploring Montreal as Full Time RVers

We eat and drink our way through the amazing city of Portland, Maine. It’s a foodie heaven! Follow along as we ride “Sweet Lime” the Honda Goldwing F6B around this awesome town!

Dry Camping in Washington DC for Halloween

We loved staying at Greenbelt National Park, just outside of Washington, DC. We explore the town by Metro and get spooked with old friends at a killer Halloween Party!

Crossing the Canadian Border in an RV

It was our first time crossing the Canadian border in a car (let alone an RV). In this video we show you how the border crossing goes with our Fifth Wheel RV, how we prepared, and show you a bit about the wonderful metropolitan city of Toronto!

Dry Camping Niagara Falls Canada

We had such a unique stay in Niagara Falls Canada! Wine tastings, live music in a backyard barn, and explore the area in vintage cars.  It was especially special to us because of the great new friends we met.

Parking Our Fifth Wheel Trailer On the Street in Detroit?

We parked our RV in the city streets of Detroit. Parking was free, and we were surprised at how much cool stuff there was to see and do in the city.

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