Visiting Tamul Waterfall in Mexico

The region of Huastecas in San Luis Potosi, Mexico has a lot to offer including the tallest waterfall of the region, Tamul waterfall. Largely unvisited by non Mexican nationals, Huastecas is known for its eco tourism and incredible natural beauty. When I was planning our RV trip to Mexico I kept seeing pictures of Tamul waterfall and I knew I had to visit myself.

What to bring

Swimsuit – Swimming in most waterfalls is allowed so make sure to bring your bathing suit.

Quick Dry Towel – There are plenty of high-quality, fast-drying towels on the market right now, so there is no reason to pack in bulky ones that take up unnecessary space. Our favorites are from Teslate but these Turkish towels from Amazon are great too.

Water Sandals – Traversing the landscape around the waterfalls can be tricky. We highly encourage a good pair of water shoes with traction. Dennis loves his Earth Runners.

Water and Snacks – Make sure to have fresh water and snacks on hand. Most waterfalls won’t have stores nearby if you get hungry or thirsty, so it’s best to bring your own. We suggest bringing a reusable water bottle like this Camelbak that has a lifestraw in it to help filter and remove any unwanted chemicals like chlorine, lead, and organic matter.

Sun protection – We are not big fans of sunscreen. Most are actually toxic to your body and known to cause skin cancer. It’s also bad for the environment you’re swimming in.

If you must use sunscreen we recommend this brand, which has no harmful ingredients, uses zinc to block the sun, and is environmentally safe. If you’re okay ditching the sunscreen make sure you have a sun shirt and hat with you. We love Free Fly apparel which uses quick-dry bamboo material and offers 30 SPF protection. It’s also a good idea to have a buff to protect your neck and face.

Dry Bag – If you’re bringing any filming equipment (like a GoPro) to capture the beauty and the fun at Tamul waterfall, make sure you have a dry bag with you.

Change of Clothes – After the excursion you’ll get a delicious home cooked meal with bathrooms nearby for changing. I didn’t know to bring a change of clothes and desperately wished I had them. 

visiting tamul waterfall

In order to visit Tamul waterfall you must book an excursion with a tour group. We ended up booking with Huasteca Sharet, and were super pleased with our entire experience. Not only was our tour guide awesome but our tour included transportation to and from the waterfall as well as an incredible home cooked meal at the end of a long day paddling.

They, along with most of the other tour companies are located in Cuidad Valles which is about an hour away from the actual waterfall launching area. Once you get to the launching area, where the canoes are kept there are restrooms and lots of vendors selling quick dry long sleeve shirts, buffs, hats, water shoes, and dry bags for around $20 to $50 pesos per item.

Your journey to the waterfall is up river, so you will work to get to Tamul waterfall. It’s about a 45 minute ride with about 15 minutes walking half way through to get through small rapids. The guides carry the boats through the rapids. The view on the paddle up is incredible! There are mini waterfalls, lush moss, trees, and the gorgeous blue water. It really is something special.

Tamul waterfall is 340 ft tall and nearly 300 meters long. It’s extremely powerful and truly breathtaking. You can walk up the side of the mountain some to get closer to the waterfall, but the boats take you to the closest point you can safely be before turning around.

The waterfalls current is very strong so unfortunately you aren’t able to swim at the waterfall. There are excursions you can take that climb the cliff of the waterfall, but for this experience you’ll have to wait to go swimming at the next stop, cueva del agua.

Visiting Cueva del Agua

Once you’re group is finished at Tamul waterfall, the tour guide will take you to a small cave along the river called Cueva del Agua. Swimming in the cave is allowed, but it will be packed. We didn’t let the crowds scare us off and jumped right in! It’s not every day you get to swim in a cave in Mexico.

When the tour was complete our guide brought us to a home where a woman prepared an incredible meal for us. The food was FANTASTIC and she happily accommodated the vegetarians that were at the table.

There were bathrooms and changing rooms on sight as well so you could get comfortable and dry before eating and taking the hour drive back into town. The trip, including the drive out and back, took nearly all day. We were exhausted when we got home, but had an absolutely incredible experience.

We are so thankful we went out of our way to experience Tamul waterfall and are so thankful to Huasteca Sharet for making it an incredible experience. I would love to hear if you’ve been to Tamul waterfall, or if you found these tips helpful when planning your trip to Tamul waterfall below.


Liz & Dennis

Liz & Dennis


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