Is RVing to Mexico A Good Idea?

If you’re tired of crowded campgrounds or looking for a new type of adventure, you may consider alternative travel destinations. Mexico has become a popular RV destination for many travelers, for good reason. It is home to incredible beaches, charming towns, fantastic food, friendly people, rich culture, and fantastic sight seeing.

But is RVing to Mexico a good idea? Today, we’ll dive deeply into whether you should consider RVing south of the border. Let’s get started!

RV parked on the beach at an RV park in Mexico.

Can you RV to Mexico?

RVing to Mexico has been one of the best-hidden secrets in the RV community. For decades hundreds if not thousands of RVers have taken their class C, van, fifth wheel, travel trailer, or Class A motorhome to relax on the beaches of Mexico.

However, the cat is out of the bag, thanks to social media. Mexico is gaining popularity amongst RVers as pictures and videos get circulated on social media, especially the Baja Peninsula. If you’re looking to take your RVing adventures to the next level, an RV trip to Mexico might be just what you need.

Is Mexico safe?

Safety in Mexico has been a highly-debated topic for years. Sometimes it seemed like you couldn’t turn the TV on without hearing a story of violence and tragedy in Mexico. While these events did take place, the stories quickly created a very distorted view of the country as a whole.

While some spots aren’t safe for RVing in Mexico, it’s not the entire country. For every unsafe spot in Mexico, there are dozens upon dozens of spots to visit that are no less safe than RVing in the United States. 

Many of the popular RVing destinations in Mexico are incredibly safe. However, you should still use common sense to protect yourself and your RV.

Why you would want to RV Mexico

There’s a lot of reasons someone would want to RV Mexico. Adventure, unique landscapes, beautiful beaches, vibrant and diverse culture, ancient ruins, and incredible food are just a few.

Chilaquiles en mole Puebla Mexico

1. Enjoy Mexico’s diverse culture

Mexico has deep ties to its ancestral peoples, with over 68 different languages spoken across the country. Visitors can learn about the cultural diversity as they visit ancient ruins, shop for the different crafts and specialities of each city and region, or enjoy distinct dishes for the area.

RVing Mexico gives you a more culturally authentic experience than you could experience on a trip to Cancun or a cruise to Cozumel. And don’t forget you have endless amazing Mexican food to enjoy.

2. Lower cost of living

Aside from the amazing destinations you can visit throughout the country, Mexico also boasts a much lower cost of living than the United States or Canada. Food, camping, fuel, and loads of other day to day things simply cost less allowing your dollar to go much further as you travel.

3. Beautiful camping

Mexico has loads of beautiful campgrounds to relax on. From beachfront camping to campsites with views of wine country, and epic mountain ranges. There’s no shortage of beautiful campsites in Mexico. 

However, visitors should be aware that amenities will differ from what you may be accustomed to in the United States.

4. Unique activities

It’s not often you can say you swam with whales, released sea turtles into the ocean, hung out with flamingos, swam in cenotes, or visited ancient Aztec ruins. But in Mexico all of these incredible and unique activities are at your disposal. Mexico has a lot more to offer than beaches alone. Take a train ride through the Copper Canyon, visit one of Mexico’s many volcanoes, hang out in the jungle with monkeys, or swim in a waterfall in Chiapas.

Couple smiling in front of Tamul waterfall and Tampaon river in Ciudad Valles, Huastecas, Mexico.

Should take an RV caravan to Mexico?

Hiring a private company can be very appealing, but is also very expensive. Expect to spend anywhere from $5,000 to $10,000 for a multi-week caravan trip through Mexico per vehicle.

Not only will these organizations help you sift through all the paperwork necessary for the trip, but they’ll handle many of the day-to-day logistics. They’ll book Mexico campsites and handle any reservations necessary.

If you hire a reputable tour company, they’ll know the best places to grab a bite to eat, sit in the sand, and enjoy the views. However there is little room to deviate from their itinerary and you lose a bit of the wanderlust and adventure of the experience being in a large group.

We personally chose to RV Mexico on our own, but having other RVers there for support can be incredibly helpful if things don’t go as planned.

RVing in Mexico in a caravan.

Safety tips when RVing to Mexico

Safety is important no matter where you’re RVing, but is especially important in Mexico. Here are a handful of tips for staying safe while RVing in Mexico.

Know the safe spots

While not every place is dangerous in Mexico, the opposite is also true. There are both safe and unsafe places to visit in Mexico. It’s very important to know which places you should avoid. The U.S. Department of State posts travel advisories for any locations where safety may be a factor for travelers, including Mexico.

We visited many of these areas despite the warnings and had nothing but good experiences. Rather than rely solely on the U.S. Department of State, ask local travelers about their experiences in different areas of the country. Many will tell you where to stay away from and what areas are safe to visit.

Planning to drive to mexico?

If you plan to drive your car or RV to Mexico you’ll need to purchased special Mexican liability insurance before you enter the country. This is not optional!

Get a free quote for the required insurance from Mexpro in minutes.

Have Mexican auto insurance

The instant you cross the border into Mexico, you are required to have a special Mexican liability insurance policy to cover yourself and others on the road. Standard auto insurance policies only cover a vehicle when it is in the United States, unless the insurance provider offers a special Mexico rider you can add to your policy. The Mexican auto liability policy is something that is required by the Mexican government, and is not optional. Having this means your complying with the law and protecting yourself as you’re driving.

Stock up on essential supplies

Stocking up on supplies isn’t going to be nearly as easy in Mexico as it typically is in the United States. It’s a good idea to stock up on any essentials you could possibly need during the trip before crossing the border. While you can’t plan for every possible scenario, it’s a good idea to have spare parts and tools on hand in an emergency.

RVing isn’t nearly as popular in Mexico as it is in the United States. As a result, the infrastructure for repairs and supplies isn’t nearly the same. If you need a specific part while in Mexico, it could be impossible to track it down. Having the part(s) shipped to you in Mexico will cost you an arm and a leg due to import fees.

Be cautious off-roading

Mexico can be an exciting place to explore in your RV. However, you could unintentionally take your RV off-roading if you’re not careful. Depending on the size of your rig, this could be a very dangerous situation. You don’t always have to venture off the roads for it to feel like you’re off-roading.

Some of the roads in Mexico can be pretty sketchy. They’re not always the flat, level roads you’re used to seeing in America. Even if where you live is riddled with potholes, it’s got nothing on some of the roads in Mexico. Watch for bumps and craters in the roads. We recommend not driving these roads at night because it can be hard to see these obstacles.

RV parked in palm trees on beach in Mexico.

Have a plan

The key to a successful RVing trip to Mexico is to have a solid plan. This isn’t a trip that you can just do on nothing more than a wing and a prayer. Come up with a travel plan and share your itinerary with others. Always have back up spots for camping in Mexico in case a campground is at capacity or closed. 

You can also share your GPS coordinates with a loved one. If they don’t hear from you by a certain point, then they can start rounding the troops up to come looking for you. Your plan should include where you’ll stay, how you’ll get there, and any places you want to see along the way. There’s no such thing as overplanning, especially for your first RV trip to Mexico.

Be realistic about your expectations

RVing Mexico can be an extremely rewarding experience, but its not without challenges. Road conditions can wear on your RV. Lack of reliable power at many Mexico campgrounds, communicating in a different language, and figuring out things like water and internet connectivity can add stress to the experience.

Being realistic about what to expect and knowing how to handle this before you go will make the process much easier.

Is RVing to Mexico a good idea?

RV with surfboard in Baja California. Is RVing Mexico a good idea?

To help ease the stress and planning check out our 75 page digital guide covering everything you need to know about RVing Mexico.

There are many fantastic sights to see and things to experience in Mexico. Don’t let a dramatized view of the country keep you from exploring this beautiful country. If you take the time to do plenty of research and plan your trip, you’re sure to have an incredible time. Who knows, Mexico could become your go-to destination while RVing.



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