12 Great Gift Ideas for RVers

Since the holidays are here, we thought it’d be the perfect time to some of our favorite gift ideas for RVers. If you’re looking for unique, fun, and affordable gift ideas for RVers part-time, or full-time, look no further. We’ve included 12 of great gifts that are both practical and fun. These are gifts we personally loved receiving from friends and family, or items we purchased for ourselves and think other RV’ers would also enjoy. Take a look at the video below to see what our top 12 gift ideas for RVers that are all $100 or less!

12 gift ideas for RVers for $100 or less!

We mentioned this in the video but we’re going to mention it again here. We value experiences over things, and believe most RV’ers probably feel the same. That’s why they traded in their home and most of their possessions to hit the road to experience our country. When we chose our top 12 items we kept in mind of what was practical, useful, fun to receive, and didn’t require or take up a lot of space. When you live in an RV, fifth wheel, camper, or travel trailer, you simply don’t have a ton of space for “things”. Bonus part of our list? All of the gift ideas for RVers is under $100! So let’s get started!

NAtional parks pasS

Our very favorite gift received to date was a National Parks Pass and the National Parks Pass Passport. This pass, costing just $80 for an annual membership, gets you and up to 6 people in the same car into ANY National Park for FREE – for an entire year! If you go to just 4 national parks in a year, the pass has paid for itself. If you go to more (which most RV’ers will), the savings is unreal. In our year and half traveling, we have visited over 40 national parks and monuments in our travels. I’d definitely say this was a great gift that was put to good use. You can pick up the National Parks Pass from REI, a national park you may happen to have by your home, or from the national park’s website. If you want to throw in a passport books so the person receiving your gift can remember all of the cool parks and monuments they’ve visited and when, you can get the book here. We love having both! Getting a stamp for each place we visit makes it a fun experience and something to look forward to when we go to each park.

Harvest hosts Membership

Our second RV gift idea is a membership to Harvest Hosts. We became members right away when we started full timing. Harvest hosts is an annual membership that allows you to boondock or dry camp at unique and interesting places like farms, breweries, vineyards, and historical places. We love having beautiful and fun new places to camp along our travels and have enjoyed getting to talk with interesting people that both own the venue, or fellow RV’ers camping there. Sign up here! This gift is great even if your not a full timer. We’ve met tons of weekend warriors who love Harvest Hosts just as much as we do!

Sticker Map

I feel like every RV’er should have some sort of sticker map or scratch off map to highlight and showcase their travels! We got our sticker map as a gift from our fellow RV friends, Brandi and Ben, and love being able to track where we go. It’s an affordable gift perfect for any RV’er!

Eno Hammock

We received the eno hammock as a gift from my sister and brother in law. Super easy to set up it’s a great gift for any camper or RVer. It’s super compact when it’s put away, and can hold up to two people. Don’t forget to get the straps so you can hang this baby anywhere!

The Great American Ale Trail

Do you need a gift for a beer lover and RVer? The Great American Ale trail is the perfect companion book for any part time or full time RV’er to help them find the best breweries throughout our nation. We met the author of this book at Wolves and People, an amazing farm house brewery in Willamette Valley and have used his book to visit a few great breweries on our travels so far.

Pick the book up by clicking here.

Outdoor Patio mat

This may not be the “most exciting” gift ever, but it’s super practical and can almost garuantee your RV friend or family member will love it. Super helpful for keeping dirt out of the rig when we’re camping and really easy to set up and break down. We love that it comes with a portable bag and becomes rather compact so it doesn’t take up too much space. Grab a mat by clicking here.

Decorative Happy Camper Dish Towels

I’m a sucker for cute dish towels. We found these cute hand towels in a shop in Bar Harbor, Maine last year and had to get it! Dish towels always need replenishing. So why not re-up on ones as cute as these? This gift is sure to be a crowd pleaser and is under $20. Score!

Eva-dry mini dehumidifier

Here’s another practical gift that takes up minimal space and will be really helpful for part time or full time RVers. Eva-Dry mini dehumidifiers are a renewable dehumidifier that requires no energy while it dehumidifies a room (around 200 sqft). Once the bar in the middle of the dehumidifier indicates it is “wet”, you simply plug it in outside and it recharges drying out the components inside. 


If you tow a trailer, fifth wheel, pop up camper, or airstream do yourself or your loved one a favor and get them a nice set of walkie talkies. It will make parking their rig so much easier. Rather than yelling to each other across the campsite, or having miscomunications, you can use these to hear each other even when you don’t have cell connection. We like these small walkie talkies from Amazon

onitama or fun game for 2 people

Part of being on the road is spending time together. If the weather isn’t on your side, the connectivity is bad, or you just feel like playing a game – it’s important to have options for board games. If your RV friends or family members are a couple, a game like Onitama will be such a fun gift for them to play on the road. Onitama is a game of strategy where the players have five “moves” that continuously rotate until one opponent wins the game. It’s a bit like checkers and a bit like chess, and a whole lot of fun!

Solar battery charger

We actually gave this as a gift to our brother and sister who were traveling out the country. They weren’t sure what their electricity connectivity would be. You can charge the battery pack when you have shore power or electricity or charge your phone, jetpack, or other device with the sun on the mini solar panel on the pack. It’s great for RV’ers that don’t have their own inverter or solar set up yet and allows them to recharge their phones or devices while their boondocking/dry camping. We use ours when we’re hiking and our devices die. This has saved us many times on the road. Grab this solar powered battery pack here. 

So there you have it, our 12 RV gift ideas all under $100. We would love to hear if you have any of these products, end up getting any of these products, or hear what your favorite gifts for RV’ers are. Happy shopping and happy holidays!


Liz & Dennis

Liz & Dennis


We’re two travel-loving, real estate investing, foodies exploring North America as full-time RV’ers. This blog is where we share our lessons learned, tips and tricks, and favorite places to eat, see, and RV across North America! We hope it helps you find your wanderlust, plan and prepare for RV life, and get out on the road!


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