RV Mattress Upgrade

It took us around three months of living and sleeping full time on our fifth wheel before realizing we needed an RV mattress upgrade. The indentations from our bodies in the stock RV mattress was a pretty good indicator. If we were going to do an RV mattress upgrade, we wanted to find something that was comfortable, affordable, and with no VOC’s (which are volatile organic compounds aka nasty chemicals like formaldeyhde).

The best rv mattress

We ended up finding the company Plushbed’s which has specialized mattress sized specifically for RV’s making ordering super easy and their beds are comfy!

All of their mattresses are GREENGUARD Gold Certified which means they stand up to a rigorous test having low emission and very little use of chemicals. Less than one percent of all mattresses receive this certification! They offer a 100-day trial period to test the mattress out, a 25-year warranty, free shipping, free return pickups, and if needed, 0% APR financing.

 They have 4 different options for RV mattresses:

  • Original 6″ latex 
  • 8″ Deluxe memory foam
  • 8″ Cool gel memory foam (which helps hot sleepers, sleep cooler)
  • Eco green 8″ latex

We’re now onto our second Plushbed’s mattress after selling our fifth wheel and buying a used Class C RV.We chose the 8″ cool gel memory foam both times because Dennis is a hot sleeper. We can’t say if it really does it’s job or not because we don’t have anything to compare it to, but it sure is comfortable.

Because our new RV’s bed is over the cab, we were nervous about getting a thicker mattress, but after sleeping in it a few nights the RV mattress upgrade has been SO worth it! Plushbed’s runs sales frequently, so while the advertised price is $1,000+ for a mattress, you often can get $400 – $600 off. We really do believe it’s one of the best RV mattresses and are super happy with both of our purchases. If you are interested in getting your own Plushbed’s mattress use the link below to help support our channel at no extra cost to you!


Liz & Dennis

Liz & Dennis


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