Letchworth State Park, NY

We headed back into the United States after two amazing weeks in Canada. My sister and brother in law tipped us off on an incredible state park they visited in upstate New York, Letchworth State Park. They told us it was breathtaking but we didn’t realize how truly impressive it was. First off the park is HUGE! It was an 11 mile drive from the entrance to our campground in the park. The drive through the park is riddled with gorgeous scenic stopping points overlooking canyons, winding rivers, waterfalls, and greenery for miles. Even if you visit for a day, the drive and overlooks are worth it! We wish we could have stayed longer, there great trails and a canoe or kayak ride would have been awesome, but we only had two nights before driving to Syracuse for a flight out of NY (Liz had to travel for work). On our days there we tried to make the most of the sunshine and went for a ride on the motorcycle to the overlooks, and went on a hike. We had lunch by the waterfall, it was great day.

I wish the pictures did it justice, but honestly they don’t. You’ll just have to go to the “Grand Canyon of the East” yourself. Imagine coming in the fall, I bet the foliage would be out of this world!

Some of the best shots we got were on a closed trail…There was a fallen tree from a rock slide that happened recently which blocked the typical path and I’m sure could be seen as potentially dangerous, but like Dennis said “Danger is his middle name“. We couldn’t turn around and miss the great views! Trust us, we weren’t the only ones…


  1. Elise Pickett

    We loved this park and plan on going back! We were thinking fall as well ?

    • adventuretime

      We’d love to go with you. The leaves would be magical!