Eat See RV holiday gift guide:
27 great gifts for rvers 

It’s hard to believe but the holiday season is upon us once again. I know personally, after a year (or more) away from loved ones, I am more excited than ever to reunite and enjoy all this season has to offer.

As full time RVers ourselves, we love receiving gifts that are both practical and relevant to our lifestyle of travel, outdoors, and tiny living. But for those who aren’t familiar with what it’s like to travel or live in an RV, figuring out the best gifts for RVers can seem daunting.

To lighten the load, we’ve put together our 2021 holiday gift guide that will be sure to give you an awesome gift idea for RVers.

  1. membership gifts for rvers
  2. gifts for national park lovers
  3. Gifts for the rv chef
  4. Gifts for the outdoor enthusiast
  5. Gifts to cozy the rv
  6. gifts for him
  7. gifts for her
  8. gift card ideas

Some of the links in this post will contain affiliate links. Choosing to shop with these links means we do earn some commission from the sale at no extra cost to you.

Before you buy this holiday season

While we love the holidays and the fun and joy that can come from gift-giving, it is very easy to get caught up in the materialism and wastefulness of this season. To us, the holidays are about togetherness, gratitude, love, and kindness.

Gifts are one way to show in that, but not the only way. Being together and sharing experiences over things is one of the most meaningful ways to celebrate this season.

This year our family is choosing to forgo gifts and are taking a big family vacation instead. We’re spending the same as we normally would, but instead of spending it on products, we’re making memories and having quality time together.

Consider giving the gift of an excursion, membership, or experience over an item. Chances are they will remember the time spent together far longer than they will wear that new pajama set. However:

If you choose to give gifts this holiday, please do so with intention, purpose, and value.

We vote with our dollar and it’s more important than ever to purchase products that support and align with your values and the betterment of our world. Cheap and mass produced products may be an easy purchase, but there is often a massive amount of environmental harm, human impact, and waste that goes into producing them.

It’s always a great idea to shop small, shop local, and support businesses from minority-owned operators, but more importantly consider the cost, effort, and impact of the product for being brought into the world.

Here are some additional ideas on:

With that being said, we also know the joy that can come from giving or receiving a great gift. So for those looking for unique, environmentally, and socially conscious gifts that are great for RVers (and beyond) we hope this gift guide will help you find the perfect gift for this season.

membership gifts for rvers

harvest hosts

RV camping in vineyard Harvest Hosts Eat See RV

Harvest Hosts is a camping membership that allows RVers to camp overnight in over 2,800 different locations across the country including farms, vineyards, golf courses, museums, breweries, and historical sites. We first purchased our membership back in 2017 when we hit the road and it has hands down been our favorite membership to date.

Some of the best stays we’ve ever had have been at Harvest Hosts. We promise this membership will be one your RV friend or family member will love. Get 15% off your membership when using this link to sign up.

surfshark vpn

Surfshark VPN Secure Your Digital Life

A virtual private network (VPN) has become a non-negotiable subscription for us on the road. VPNs encrypt our data helping keep us protected from hackers when we’re on public wi-fi and access restricted content (like Netflix or Hulu) even if we’re in a different country. shows even if the network is restricted in the country.

Surfshark VPN is one of the most popular and trusted services, plus it’s the only VPN service that allows unlimited devices. Surfshark is running a GREAT Black Friday discount of 84% off with 4 MONTHS FREE! This insane deal is a Black Friday special so make sure to grab it ASAP! If you’re ready this after Black Friday has come and gone, don’t worry — our special link still gives you great pricing all year long.

gifts for national park lovers

Visiting our countries incredible national parks and monuments is one of the major highlights of RVing. The National Parks Guide Book was actually gifted to us before we hit the road, and we’ve loved having it as we plan our trips to some of the top National Parks across the country.

We also received the National Parks Passport book which lets you collect stamps from each of the parks you visit. This is one of our favorite gifts we’ve ever received. We love being able to look back at all of the places we visit. This is definitely a GREAT gift for any one who owns an RV part time or full time. 

gifts for the rv chef

savory spices

Taco spice savory spice shop

Having the right spices and herbs in your RV kitchen cabinet means no camp side meal will be blan or boring. We love to stock up on spices when we’re home at our favorite spice shop, Savory Spice. This small business which originated in Denver, CO can now be found in several states across the country including our hometown of St. Pete, FL.

They have hundreds of different of spices to choose from. We even make our own vanilla using their beans! Some of our favorite spices are:

  • Saigon Cinnamon
  • Sweet Paprika
  • Cambodian Curry
  • St. Pete Snapper seasoning (great for fish)
  • Black Garlic Salt
  • Salmon Rub

But you really can’t go wrong with any of their unique spice blends


Aside from our cast iron pans, our Instapot is hands down the most used appliance in our RV. We love its versatility (being able to hard boil eggs, make yogurt, slow cook, or pressure cook) and it’s compactness. Two things that are super helpful in a tiny space like an RV. This is a guaranteed to be a hit for you RV chef friend or family member!

sustainable apron

Apron Made Trade

Made Trade is our favorite eco-conscious company that offers over 8,500+ ethically made products including clothing, shoes, accessories, home decor, furniture, and beyond. You’ll see several recommendations from Made Trade’s online store in this gift guide including this apron. Dennis has been on the hunt for a good-looking but ethically and sustainably made apron for quite some time. And this apron from Made Trade fits the bill! Use this link when shopping to get free shipping!

cast iron cookware

The majority of our cooking in the RV is done on cast iron. We love that that cast iron is non-toxic, durable, and can be used for virtually any dish (indoors or out). This cast iron without handles helps us store it better when we’re moving from place to place and takes up less space on our countertop, a win-win if you ask us!

gifts for outdoor enthusiasts

merino wool clothes

Travelers often have limited space for clothing, meaning you want the clothes you pack to be versatile and easy to care for. Merino wool is as close to the perfect travel clothing as you can get.

Hypoallergenic, merino wool doesn’t retain odors like traditional clothing (including cotton or synthetic blends). It also is naturally cooling and warming, allowing you to stay cool in hot climates and stay warm in cold climates.

Merino wool clothing isn’t cheap, but the quality is worth it. This sustainable clothing option is perfect for any outdoor enthusiast offering everything from:

  • hiking socks
  • underwear
  • leggings
  • joggers
  • shorts
  • sweat pants t-shirts
  • jackets

We have really enjoyed Woolly’s products. Dennis has several shirts, underwear, and socks from them and loves the fit and feel of the products.

He’s even gone a record 5 days wearing the same shirt without it smelling! I’m pretty sure that’s a RVers dream come true.

camelbak hiking backpack

Many RVers enjoy hiking while they travel. It can be a great way to get outside and spend time in nature. Personally, it’s one of our favorite past times in the RV (plus it’s free)!

One of the first items we bought when we hit the road in our RV was a quality hiking backpack with a water bladder. This goes with us on every hike no matter how big or small and is a great way to stay hydrated and carry our things in comfort.


Dennis recently purchased a pair of binoculars to take his nature gazing skills up a notch and is LOVING them. RV’s take you to some pretty awesome places, and now we can get closer than ever with a fresh pair of eyes. If you have a nature or bird lover in the mix, binoculars make a great gift.

eno hammock

Nothing says relaxation like swinging in a hammock under the trees. We love our Eno hammock and have used it in nearly every state and country we’ve visited. It’s super lightweight and packable making it a perfect gift for RVers. Don’t forget to grab the straps with them so you can hang them.

Sunski sunglasses

sunski sunglasses

Sunglasses are always a great gift, especially for outdoor enthusiasts who need to keep their eyes protected as they explore.

We LOVE Sunski, a truly sustainable sunglass company that makes mens and women’s polarized sunglasses from recycled plastic. They have a ton of great styles to choose from and their products don’t just look good, but also do good for the earth. 

vivo barefoot shoes

vivo barefoot shoes on trail

Vivo Barefoot is one of the coolest new shoes on the market. Their design is made to be as close to barefoot as possible, giving a natural and stable feel to your walk, hike, or run. They’re also a Certified B Corp and have an awesome system for repair and refurbishing old Vivo shoes to keep them out of landfills!

gifts to cozy the rv

non toxic candles

non toxic candles made trade

Nothing cozies up a room (or RV) more than a candle. I used to be the BIGGEST candle user, until I learned how bad traditional candles with synthetic dyes and fragrances are for your health.

Thankfully, Made Trade has a great natural candle made from soy and uses natural essential oils. That means can give the gift of candles without having to worry about sharing any harmful VOCs (volatile organic compounds) that are linked to causing cancer being gifted with it. Make sure you choose the “Natural Flower Petal Glass” candles, as they use essential oils only. 

travel inspired decor

morgan harper nichols art work

Made Trade has some really beautiful artwork and unique decor that would make the perfect addition to an RV, but my personal favorite is the artwork by Morgan Harper Nichols. She’s a black creator, artist, poet, and musician.

Her words and illustrations, which she shares on her Instagram account have been incredibly inspirational to me over the years. She now offers her work to be printed on Society6 and hung for all to enjoy!

outdoor mat

Outdoor rugs aren’t just functional, they also add style as your camp in your RV. We love Fab Habitat’s rugs because they are made from recycled plastic and are certified fair trade, meaning the products are made with people and the environment in mind.

I also love that they have unique designs that are WAY cuter than the ones you can find at Walmart or big box RV store.

club chairs

Our club chairs are by far the most commonly requested item from our channel. We love them, and clearly, many of you do too. These comfy and cozy chairs are the perfect addition to any RV.

portable fire pit

We love to boondock, or camp off-grid. There’s something awesome about being out in nature unplugged and disconnected. But boondocking also means we are without amenities like a fire pit. This portable fire pit allows you to make fires safely anywhere you camp. It’s compact and has the option for a grill on top!

gifts for him


Dennis Smith crawling out of cave Craters of the Moon National Monument

Dennis LOVES his hiking hat from REI. Given his fair skin, his hiking hat keeps him protected on our outdoor outings. Technically unisex, the hat can go for him or her, but out of us two Dennis definitely puts this hat use the most.

ansell gloves

A super practical and helpful gift is these Ansell Winter Monkey Grip gloves. From dumping tanks, loading or chopping firewood, filling your gas tanks, or simply working on the RV, these gloves will keep your hands warm, protected, and dry. 


One of Dennis’s latest purchases was the GRIP6 Work Belt which is made from military grade nylon and has an interchangeable strap and rust free buckle. This sucker can go from land to water without worry and has been a daily go-to for him.


An axe comes in handy when you RV. Dennis has used his axe countless times to help us chop wood for a nice fire. This Estwing Special Edition Axe spilts wood with ease.

gifts for her

Second hand clothes


Very few things are more sustainable than buying second hand. I found ThredUp shortly before moving into the RV and it’s officially my favorite way, and pretty much the only way I shop now. The online store has only high-quality second hand items for women with hundreds of thousands of products to choose from ranging from shoes, bags, dresses, coats, accessories, and clothes.

I love that I can purchase my favorite name brands for a fraction of the cost. It’s the perfect way to refresh my wardrobe each season without hurting the earth or my wallet. Gifting a ThredUp giftcard is a great way to pay it forward for the ladies, or if you really know her well, find the perfect item for her to enjoy!

B. yellowtail

B. Yellowtail is a cooperative of indigenous creators selling their native-made and native-designed jewelry, clothes, makeup, hats, and accessories. 70% of every sale goes directly to the creator meaning your purchase is supporting indigenous traditions and communities.

The webiste has a wide range of products to choose from and honestly everything is just beautiful!

andies swimsuit eco line

Andie swim lake in mexico

I’m pretty sure bathing suits are a love language. There’s something so great about finding a fun, great fitting swim suit and Andies is making the best suits around! I pretty much lived in my Andie’s suits when I was in Mexico.

And since Andie Swim is designed by women for women, the company does an incredible job of matching the right suit no matter you body type.

As a major bonus they offer an eco line with materials made from recycled plastic (pictured above). An Andies swimsuit or giftcard is sure to be a people pleaser this holiday.

Native American Jewelry

giftcard ideas

I know gift cards aren’t the most exciting gift to share, but they are practical and allows the receiver to purchase what they want or need. If at all possible, try selecting e-gift cards for the method of delivery.

Some great companies to consider getting gift cards for are:

  • E-trailer: Thousands of online products for every type of truck, trailer, or RV.
  • Made Trade: Their online store allows you to shop from thousands of products for your home or self.
  • Gas gift cards: RV’s and trailers go through gas like it’s nobody’s business. Help a traveler out by filling their tank.
  • Amazon: There’s no denying Amazon’s selection and delivery speed are massively convenient, particularly for RVers. The fact that we can pick up items from a dropbox in as little as two days is huge! We always try to source products in the most responsible, local, and sustainable manner but sometimes Amazon is the best option. An Amazon gift card is almost guaranteed to go to good use.
  • Patagonia: Patagonia is one of the most ethical and sustainable companies today. Specializing in active wear and products for outdoor enthusiasts, it’s a great gift card option for RVers.
25 holiday gift ideas for RVers eco-edition Eat See RV

I hope this holiday gift guide for RVers helps you gain new ideas for potential gifts for an RV owner and maybe gain a new perspective on gift giving this holiday. Please let us know if you purchase any of these products for a loved on in the comments below and let us know if there are other eco-friendly and ethically conscious products that are great for RV life.

We hope you have a very merry, safe, and love-filled season!


  1. Sandra serra

    Thanks for the great ideas. I have my eye on that fire pit.

    • EatSeeRV

      Glad you enjoyed it! Hope it makes for a great gift this season 🙂

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