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We recently started a new blog series where we interview various full-time travelers, sharing how they earn money on the road. Our goal is to help inspire and educate others on the various ways to work remotely while living a nomadic lifestyle. If you’re new to our blog, we have been full time RVing for over two years. We support ourselves by investing in real estate; specifically in mortgage notes.

Today’s interview is with Jay and Lindsay from Hitched n Hauling. We actually met Jay and Lindsay right before they hit the road to become full-time RV’ers. They were from our hometown, enjoy beer, good music, and disc golf so we knew we had to meet. Of course, we hit it off right away and were blown away by their really touching and unique story. We also find it fascinating how they are able to support themselves! We hope you enjoy getting to know them a bit more and learn how they earn money on the road.

Tell us your story! What made you want to take the leap to full time rving? 

In 2018, we moved into a beautiful lake house in Lutz, Florida after living in a tiny-ish house on the Bay for over four years. This was truly our “lake front dream home” and the perfect place to start a family. Shortly after we moved in, we found out that we were unable to conceive children. Just like that our dream was crushed. It seems the higher powers that be had a different plan for us. This news was devastating for us both, and took us on an emotional journey.
Not long after this news, Lindsay got stuck in a store due to a bad weather and started looking at travel books. She couldn’t help but think, “what if?”. That night we turned on the TV and a show came on called “Going RV”. If you’re unfamiliar with this show, it’s about couples, families, or individuals who choose to change their lifestyles and do something most people only dream of, going full-time in an RV. It felt like fate. Not only had we just started talking about full-time travel after Lindsay returned from the store, but the couple on the show were Lindsay and Dan from Follow Your Detour who also struggled with infertility and dealt with a similar situation. Seeing others our age living this lifestyle was exciting and we decided to investigate it further. Since having a family wasn’t going to be an option, we asked each other “what is the one thing we both want to make our life fulfilling and fun?”. Without hesitation, we both said “TRAVEL!” Since we both work for ourselves, we couldn’t think of one thing that would hold us back besides fear. After months of research, watching online videos, Youtube Vlogs, and going to RV shows, we decided to make it happen.

what was it like living in a tiny house, then going big, and back to tiny again? 

Going from a tiny-ish (630 sq. ft.) home on the bay, to a very large sized lake house, and now to an RV, helped us realize that the more space you have equals the more useless possessions you own. After renovating our RV, we had to decide what to do with our Lake House and all of the things that filled it. Rather than storing things that weren’t serving us, we decided to sell it all! The process of selling and giving away all our possessions felt amazing and liberating. We started to see that there is so much more to life than all the “stuff” you have. It’s super freeing knowing we no longer had to keep up with “The Jones” or follow what society says we should be doing. We planned on formally listing the house with a realtor but actually received an offer before it even hit the market!

Tell us about your RV

In December 2018, we traded in our Jeep and Truck to purchase a F250 Super Duty Diesel and a gently used 2012 Keystone Montana 303RK 5th wheel aka “Monty”. We spent five months gutting the entire rig to make it our new home. We completely customized it to our style inside and out. We installed new floors, led lights, composting toilet, and painted. We even have a full solar system on the roof! It was strenuous work, but now our new home is self-sufficient, running off-grid for any length of time as long as the sun keeps on shinning.
Side Note from Liz: Their renovation is GORGEOUS! We’ve seen it first hand and it feels like home. Also – we are totally jealous of their solar set up (720 watts of solar, 3 lithium batteries, and a 3,000 watt inverter) – It’s what dreams are made of!

How are you able to earn money on the road?

I (Jay) have my own company designing custom tire covers, mostly for RV and jeep owners. I started my company back in 2015 after seeing an opportunity in the marketplace. I partnered with my old employer as the manufacturer of my RV tire designs. They are excited to see the business grow from our RV travels. Lindsay has been working in Property Management since 2007 but did not fully branch off on her own as a Realtor till 2013. It took time to build a successful Real Estate career but her broker has been very supportive of this move and will be as long as she is able to stay connected and has local representation. Both of us are able to work from home so ultimately earn money on the road. We love the freedom of having our own companies. 

What does a typical “day in the office” look like?

I submit my orders through emails daily as well as follow up on all shipping to ensure everything goes out in a timely manner.  I maintain all my sites, answer any questions customers may have, create new artwork regularly as well as make custom designs for those clients wanting a one of a kind cover. So, in a nutshell I sit in front of a computer working on graphic designs, answer questions and making sure all my customers are happy ?. I never have a true day off as this job is demanding and you make what you put into it. I have apps on my phone that I am constantly using to provide my customers with 100% satisfaction when I’m not near my computer. Here are two of my online stores to see more of what I do ?



Lindsay’s job is super detail oriented and has a lot of moving parts. She is in charge of maintaining and managing 38+ properties and tenants as well as conducting Real Estate transactions. She found someone locally to be her “boots on the ground” to help with showing units, checking on properties, conducting move outs, etc. She mostly handles the back office now and ensures everything is running smoothly.

What is needed to get started in your line of business? 

It’s a weird niche that I honestly just stumbled across and the only thing I had going for me was some printing knowledge that I received previously by owning a t-shirt company. It took many long nights creating my sites, artwork and developing a reputation and client base. It is not the type of business that can be developed over night and takes a specialty shop with hi-tech printers and experienced sewing professionals to make it all come together. However, anyone can grow and develop an online sales company if they put enough time into it and give their clients great customer service and product.

what is one piece of advice you would give to someone who wants to follow in your footsteps?

Just do it! This lifestyle is obtainable for anyone if they wants it badly enough ?. You just need to get over the fear of it, buckle down and make small changes to get there. Life is what you put into it…Also paying down your debt or becoming debt free is extremely helpful.

We tend to get so caught up in our daily routine and keeping up with society. Most go to work Mon. – Fri. working 40+ hours a week, come home to eat and sleep and do it all over for 30+ years to retire, and then what? Be too tired to enjoy the fruits of their labor? We have finally seen the light and after 35+ years, we no longer want to worry about what society tells us we should do. We want to live life our way, and create our “white picket fence” anywhere in the US.

how can our readers get in touch with you?

What I do is an odd niche, but there are many ways to get started in online sales to earn money on the road. If you have any questions or have sales outlets and would like to partner up with me, please feel free to contact me: Jays-sparetirecovers@hotmail.com

Lindsay’s line of work requires a Real Estate and Property Management License. Every state has its own requirements, but she would be happy to answer any questions for those looking to get into the field. She can be reached at lindsay@casafinarealty.com

If you want to purchase a spare tire cover, or tire covers for your vehicle or RV please visit my shop at: 


And of course you can find us on instagram at @hitchednhauling



Liz & Dennis

Liz & Dennis


We’re two travel-loving, real estate investing, foodies exploring North America as full-time RV’ers. This blog is where we share our lessons learned, tips and tricks, and favorite places to eat, see, and RV across North America! We hope it helps you find your wanderlust, plan and prepare for RV life, and get out on the road!


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