Great Food in Louisville, KY

We had a ton of fun trying bourbon in Kentucky (read about that by clicking here), and mutually enjoyed the food we had during our stay. We went to a few different bars and restaurants that made a lasting impression on us. We obviously could have spent months exploring and finding more great spots, but here is what we were able to get to during our week stay. We were told by several people we had to have a Hot Brown”, a dish that has smoked turkey layered with bacon or canadian ham, then smothered in a mornay cheese sauce and baked to perfection. While Liz opted out of this one (Pescetarian), Dennis figured he’d man up and try this for the team. We wanted to get a Hot Brown from the original and best, the Brown Hotel, but unfortunately the timing didn’t work with our schedule so we tried it else where. Its a super rich dish, and is very heavy in the meat and cheese department, something Dennis doesn’t indulge in often. While he was glad he tried it, he feels pretty comfortable never having another one again.

That night we had dinner at Milkwood, Chef Edward Lee’s newest restaurant. We heard great things about his food and learned a bit about him on one of our several foodie shows we love, Mind of a Chef. Our experience was everything we could have wished for and more. The food was excellent, service was great, and the drinks were super unique and delicious. We got a few appetizers off the dim sum menu, then enjoyed dinner and dessert. It was a great meal! After dinner we walked to the nearby riverwalk to enjoy the late sunset (around 10:00 pm) before headnig home with full bellies.

We walked around town a bit on Monday in hunt for some more bourbon balls for Liz’s stash. We had to go to Muth’s Candy shop, which has been in operation for 96 years! While their chocolate is delicious, it’s not super high quality ingredients. When we read what was in our bourbon balls, it was pretty similiar to the ingredients you’d find on a snickers bar which was dissapointing for us. Don’t worry I still ate them…I can’t let a bourbon ball go to waste after all. We also went to Art Eatables, another famous chocolate shop in downtown. Again, lots of chocolates that cater to the neverending supply of bourbon in the area, with subpar ingredients. Nonetheless, delicious and worth a stop.

Our last big dinner out was at the Mayan Cafe which focuses on local, seasonal ingredients with a focus on authentic Mayan cuisine. It’s a small unassuming restaurant in NuLu (a hip new neighborhood with lots of artsy shops and great restaurants). The service was great and the restaurant was filled even on a Monday. All of our food was incredible! Super flavorful but not overly involved with the fresh ingredients really being the highlight of the dish. I would recommend trying their special for the evening, as their menu is constantly changing based on what produce is available it’s highly unlikely you would be able to enjoy the same items we did. If you’re in Louisville, I would definitely stop here!

As we hopped around town sight seeing, grocery shopping, distillery touring, we also stopped at the local watering hole to get a break from the heat. Our first stop was at Holy Grail,  a restored Church turned into a bar that specializes in Belgian Style beers. The decor was great, and their beer selection was interesting. They had a lot of hard to find beers from overseas. We also went to Monnik, a little brewhouse in Germantown, a more blue collar neighborhood of Louisville. We loved this place so much after our first visit we came again to work a bit while enjoying a nice pint. They’re brewing up some AMAZING beer which also had a lot of influence from Belgian/German style beers. Their food menu was also served up better than average bar food. We enjoyed some delicious curry fries. Yes that’s a thing and should be a thing everywhere. This is place is a must if you’re in Louisville even if you just enjoy lunch or dinner.