10 great Gift Ideas
for travelers

Travelers are a unique group to buy gifts for. Many full time travelers or frequent jet setters prefer experiences over things, making your usual candle, gift card, or custom cutting board less than ideal. To help make the hunt for the right gift easier, we’ve compiled 10 great gift ideas for travelers that manages to find the balance of practicality and fun with each gift. Even though the coronavirus pandemic may have paused travel temporarily, this holiday season can be a great way to give a gift that inspire, excite, and bring joy for their next big trip. Here are 10 great gift ideas for travelers that will help them set sail on their next adventure. If you’re interested in our favorite Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals for 2020, scroll to the bottom of the post.

International cooking classes

cookly cooking class

For many travelers, eating and experiencing the unique flavors and foods of a region or country is one of the best parts of traveling. Dining out is a great way to dive deep into the food culture, but for those who enjoy cooking or want to dive deeper can take a cooking class. Cookly helps travelers book authentic cooking classes and experience food cultures in unique ways in some of the most popular travel destinations across the world. You can purchase gift cards which allow your friend or family member to book the right class for them for their next big trip. This unique gift will surely win over any food or travel lover!

surfshark vpn

Surfshark VPN Secure Your Digital Life

Remember that balance between practicality and fun? This gift definitely falls more on the practical side, but is a great gift for a traveler nonetheless. Travelers need to stay connected. Whether that’s sending fun photos to family back home, checking their bank account, or replying to work emails, being able to connect digitally in a safe and secure manner is huge for travelers. A VPN (virtual private network) provides digital security for travelers when connecting to public wifi connections, such as an airport, cafe, or hotel/hostel wifi connection.

The VPN acts a proxy server and encrypts data so hackers aren’t able to access your information through the shared wifi connection. It also allows travelers to access blocked sites or content by changing the server location. For example, if you’re in China, social media sites are blocked. By choosing your home country as the server location you can trick the service into thinking your outside of China and have access to your Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, or favorite Netflix show.

Surfshark VPN is one of the most popular and trusted VPN services in the business that provides service for an unlimited number of devices. If you sign up with our special link, not only do you get 84% off but you get 4 MONTHS FREE! This insane deal is a Black Friday special so make sure to grab it ASAP! If you’re ready this after Black Friday has come and gone, don’t worry — our special link still gives you great pricing all year long.

Packing cubes

Packing cubes are a game changer for travelers. Compression cubes, like these from Tripped Travel Gear help make the most out of your luggage space and keep your clothes, shoes, and accessories organized. The best thing about these compression cubes is they are designed and sold by two fellow travelers, Tim and Fin who have been jet setting and traveling the world since 2015. This gift idea is a guaranteed hit for frequent travelers.


Tripped Travel Compression Cubes

language lessons with italki


Being able to communicate in a foreign country, even on the most basic level is huge for international travelers. We love being able to say hello, thank you, or attempt ordering in the native language of the country we’re visiting. iTalki is an online language program that connects you with hundreds of different native speakers to help you learn and practice a language with 1-on-1 virtual classes catered to your current knowledge of the language and gets you talking about the topics that matter most for you. Unlike other language apps that use hear and recall games to “learn” a language, iTalki allows you to actually listen and speak conversationally with native speakers which hands down is the best way to learn a new language. Lucky for you, iTalki sells gift cards so your travel loving friend or family member can choose the right teacher or tutor for them.

Merino wool clothing

Travelers often have limited space for clothing, meaning you want the clothes you pack to be versatile and easy to care for. Merino wool is as close to the perfect travel clothing as you can get. Hypoallergenic, merino wool doesn’t retain odors like traditional clothing (including cotton or synthetic blends). It also is naturally cooling and warming, allowing you to stay cool in hot climates and stay warm in cold climates.

Merino wool clothing isn’t cheap, but the quality is worth it. This sustainable clothing option is perfect for any traveler. We have really enjoyed Woolly’s products. Dennis has several shirts, underwear, and socks from them and loves the fit and feel of the products. He’s even gone a record 5 days wearing the same shirt without it smelling! I’m pretty sure that’s a traveler’s dream come true.

Dennis wooly shirt

sunglasses made from recycled plastic

sunski glasses

Who doesn’t need a sick pair of shades? Sunglasses are universally loved and a helpful way to keep your eyes protected as you travel. We recently found the company, Sunski, who is making great looking sunglasses for men and women from recycled plastic. Affordable, aesthetically pleasing, practical, and good for the environment — it’s a win, win, win, win!

refillable water bottle and filter

Traveling can sometimes mean having unreliable water sources. Whether you’re going for a backcountry camping trip or an international trip to a third world country, it’s a good idea to have your own source to filter and clean water no matter where you are. Life straw is a unique refillable water bottle that removes almost all of waterborne bacteria, microplastics and parasites. Whether you fill up from a stream, waterfall, or tap, you know your drinking water is safe. Bonus for nerds like us who care, all bottles are BPA free and each filter is rated to clean 1,000 gallons (4,000 L) of water.




We love listening to podcast or audiobooks on our travels and Audible is our go to resource for audio books. Audible has hundreds of thousands of different audio books to choose from from fiction, to biographies, to self help or business related books. We have a wide range of books we’ve downloaded over the years, but consistently loving having a new book to help us pass time as we travel.

Solar battery charger

We actually gave this as a gift to our brother and sister who were traveling out the country for an extended period of time and weren’t sure what the electricity connection would be like. This portable battery pack allows you to charge your phone, jetpack, or other device using free energy from the sun on the mini solar panel on the pack or by pre-charging the pack when you have reliable electricity connection. This solar powered battery pack has saved us many times as we travel.


airbnb experience

Every traveler has their own travel style. Whether they travel by tent, hostel, hotel, or Airbnb having a comfortable place to stay is a must. Airbnb has endless options for travelers across the entire world from shared rooms, shared homes, or entire places. A gift card for Airbnb will definitely be appreciated. If vacation rentals aren’t their thing, don’t worry they can use the gift card for an Airbnb Experience which are curated unique experiences in the area by locals. Experiences can range from a horseback riding trip through the region, cooking class, food tour, yoga class, concert, surf trip and more.  

Our favorite 2020 black friday sales

While we appreciate and enjoy giving and receiving gifts, it’s very easy to get swept up into consumerism during the Holiday season. Black Friday can offer great deals, particularly if you were saving up for a big item or want to stock up on some essentials, but it can also lead people to spend more than they have on items they don’t really need. We ask that when you shop this holiday season, be mindful of the impact your dollar makes. Try to shop small, support companies and products that’s missions align with yours. For us, that’s services that help improve our quality of life and products that make or use real, safe, clean ingredients, that leave a minimal impact on the environment or services that help improve our quality of life.

A big goal of ours this past year is reducing how much we consume and spend. Buying higher quality products less often and choosing brands that put quality, the environment, and people first. Below are a few of our favorite Black Friday deals that we will be taking advantage of this season. They are products we personally use and love and buy no matter what time of year it is. So if there is a sale, we’re happy to take advantage of savings!

four sigmatic

Health is super important to us. Having a healthy, strong, immune system allows us to travel comfortably, do more, and see more. But always being on the go, dealing with different time zones, environmental stressors, weird travel hours, and different types (and quality) of food can wear on you. That’s why we love and use Four Sigmatic’s medicinal mushrooms to help boost our immune system, give us a little pep in our step, and just keep us healthy and strong.

Black Friday Four Sigmatic Deals

We’ve been Four Sigmatic users since 2016 and have seen improvements in how we look and feel. I use their defense blend in my coffee every morning and love to treat myself with a chai latte or golden latte mix before bed. Their good-for-you immune coffee and protein supplements all integrate the medicinal benefits off mushroom without compromising ingredient quality or taste.

Not only does Four Sigmatic always have 100% Money-Back Guarantee, but right now you can try their amazing products for up to 50% off (which is AMAZING)! We’re definitely stocking up on our favorites.

On top of up to 50% off, we’ve worked out an EXCLUSIVE additional 10% off all sale products, but this is JUST for our Eat See RV fans.

Their Black Friday sale ends on November 30th, so make sure to stock up on their amazing products now!

Plan to eat

Simple Meal Planning - Plan to Eat

 I get asked ALL THE TIME for the recipes we cook in our RV. While I wish I could say I created them on my own, I am definitely a recipe follower. Most of the recipes I like to cook come from online. There are dozens of great food blogs that create incredibly tasty meals, but I storing all of this delectable recipes wasn’t exactly easy.

That was until I found, Plan to Eat. Plan to Eat is an online meal planning tool that allows you to easily save and bookmark recipes from online (or add your own manually) and simplifies meal planning with their cool drag and drop calendar interface and shopping list creator. Meal planning is key for us maintaining a healthy diet and actually succeeding with a food budget (aka not eating out all the time). Plus, Plan to Eat has a mobile app, so we can glance at our meals when we’re in the store, or reference recipes for inspiration if needed on the go

I buy the annual plan every Black Friday because they offer 50% off, which seriously is pennies for the organization and peace of mind the program gives me.

If you want to give meal planning a go, or just looking for a better way to meal plan, we 100% recommend Plan to Eat!

Thrive Market

Following on our trend of healthy living and eating, Thrive Market is arguably one of our favorite memberships ever. We’ve been members for several years and LOVE that we can have our favorite brands and home or food products delivered straight to our door. They have a HUGE selection of products and their prices are consistently better than in store prices. As a traveler, we’re even more appreciate of Thrive Market because we can plan ahead and get our favorite products delivered to us before or after a big trip or even on the road in our RV. Right now, they are offering 30% off thousands of products but only from Nov 26 – 29th, so make sure you’re a member and get to shopping!

Andie swim

For my ladies out there, who doesn’t love a great new bathing suit? Andie Swim is my favorite swim wear. Not only are their suits gorgeous, but they have an eco line where their suits are made from recycled plastic! They also understand that every woman’s body is built differently. Taking their quick assessment allows you to determine which suit is best for your body type and comfort level. Right now, they are having a HUGE sale up to 75% select suits! If you’re in the market for a new suit or know someone that loves a great bathing suit you’ll definitely want to take advantage of this sale!

Andie Swim Black Friday Sale
Gift Ideas for Travelers

Hopefully this gift guide gave you some unique gift ideas for travelers that are both fun and practical. Don’t forget to share your favorite gift ideas for travelers in the comments below and please share with us if you get any of these gifts for a friend or family member. We hope you have a safe, healthy, and happy holiday season!

Hopefully this gift guide gave you some unique gift ideas for travelers that are both fun and practical. Don’t forget to share your favorite gift ideas for travelers in the comments below and please share with us if you get any of these gifts for a friend or family member. We hope you have a safe, healthy, and happy holiday season!

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