rv internet: Staying Connected
on the road

RV full time living definitely has it’s own unique set of challenges including RV internet. If you are a digital nomad or work remotely it’s imperative you have a quality, reliable internet connection. We were frequently being asked how we get internet as we travel, so we created this video to share our original RV internet setup.

UPDATE: Our plan was discontinued and we are now exploring other options for getting RV internet. We tried to rent an unlimited data plan from a third party vendor with AT&T service and were super disappointed with the connection. Plans change frequently, so we will be exploring alternative options after we return from our 5 month trip to Mexico.

Here’s a detailed run down of what we explained in the video for all of you who enjoy reading vs. watching. Remember, this is not the only way to get wifi on the road, this was just our method. It worked for us for nearly a year and a half providing reliable from the Keys to the North East all the way out West. As you saw in our update, our plan was abdruptly discontinued and we’re still exploring the best option for us as we travel. The best resource out there for navigating RV internet is the RV mobile internet resource center, which was put together by Technomadia (previous RV’ers and now sailors). 

Our rv Mobile internet Connection

Our main RV internet source was originally our Verizon hot spot (Verizon Mifi Jetpack). We had a plan with Verizon that gave us 200 gigs of data per month for $120. It was an old plan that was being “rented” to us from a grandfathered plan. After a year and half of reliable internet, Verizon started eliminating these plans including ours.

We really enjoyed that we had two different providers (AT&T for our phones and Verizon in our Hotspot) because it gave us options when we’re in rural or remote areas. Sometimes our AT&T will had 4G while Verizon only had 1 bar of 3G or visa versa — which is a huge difference. By having two carriers we could at least check our email or make phone calls as long as one was working.

rv booster: Boosting Our Signal

A big part of our RV life, is getting to be in remote places connecting with nature. Most of the time, being in remote areas of nature means there is little to no cell/internet reception. I know the whole point of being in wilderness is to unplug and enjoy good old mother nature but we’re not your normal weekend get away travelers. We’re not there to escape for a weekend, we live this life all the time. Some days we work, some days we unplug, but either way we need the option and the connectivity to continue running our business from anywhere.

That’s why our WeBoost Drive 4G-X RV Cell Phone Booster a necessity for us! When we’re connected to shore power, have the generator running, or our RV inverter is in use, the booster blasts is signal which greatly increases our connection to our jetpack and phones. There’s been several times we were in a really remote place and without the booster we had 0 signal, but with the booster we had 3G or most often 4G connection! That’s a total game changer!

With this booster we are restricted to high traffic areas, busy RV parks, or limiting our experiences because of our connection requirements. It’s also nice since we stream our TV rather than having dish or satellite cable. As long as the connection is decent we’re able to watch our favorite shows on Hulu and Netflix for a fraction of the cost of Dish or Satellite (plus no bulky dish on top of our RV).




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