Chompin’ Through Chattanooga

We heard Chattanooga was a foodie town so we were ready to dive in and enjoy some good eats. While we wish we ate out more during our stay, we thoroughly enjoyed the restaurants we were able to visit and look forward to returning. After a long day sight seeing at Rock City Gardens and Ruby Falls (all we had was breakfast and Liz was getting hangry), we went to Alleia. We opted to sit in the bar area which felt more like a lounge at a luxury hotel in the mountains than a bar in an italian restuarant. There were couches to sit on and wood logs encompassing the walls. We ordered way to much for our own good but remember, Liz was hangry (hungry + angry) and we did finish everything (regardless of the fact that we could barely walk out of the place). We tried a pasta dish, which as freshly made in house daily, and a pizza, which is also house made dough, sauce, and toppings. The pasta was by far our favorite but honestly everything was wonderful. We wanted to go back again before we let Chattanooga but figured it might be a good idea to check out other places…

The next night we hit the town again with my sister Elise and brother-in-law Shane in tow. We had dinner at a restaurant Terra Mae inside a botique hotel, The Dwell Hotel in downtown Chattanooga. The decor was 60’s chic, with cool art, antique tables, and modern touches throughout. Dennis’s shirt also matched the waiting room!

Our food was INCREDIBLE. We were blown away by the quality and flavor of the food. Their menu changes often, so it’s likely if you return the same options won’t be available. I feel confident your experience would still be similar if not better than ours based on what we tried that night. The menu is set up in a three course meal style where you can chose ala cart or one item from each section. We opted for the three course (duh, I mean we had to try as much as possible right)? ¬†Favorite Dishes We Tried: Thai Lobster Soup, Truffled Ricotta Ravioli, Porkbelly Hoecakes, Herb Marinated Monkfish & Lobster, Niman Ranch Pork Chop, Horseradish Mashed Potatoes.

After dinner, we had drinks in their elegant but quirky bar Matilda at Midnight. It really was a perfect night.

While visiting Chattanooga, we also grabbed some drinks at the Fix & the Bitter Alibini sister restaurant and bar sharing a three story building in downtown. They had great prices for beer, and a fancier cocktail selection on the top floor. We also grabbed a small snack, Roasted Poblano Cheese Spread. The fix is a great stop for quick, yummy eats. We attempted to grab some beer at The Terminal a local brewery, but Dennis forgot his ID and they wouldn’t serve us. If we went back we would definitely try this again…this time with our ID’s.


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