Camping at Lake Jericho Louisville, KY

We were looking forward to visiting Louisville, KY. Larger city, good food, and we could get some major schooling in bourbon. We parked at Lake Jericho, the closest park we could find to the city which was about a 25 minute drive north on 71. It was a reasonable cost to park ($22 per night with water and electric), cash only, first come first serve. The park itself has a lot of full timers and for good reason, It was a gorgeous! Lake front and on a hill, nearly every spot in the park had a beautiful view, although the tent camping is directly on the lake front and by far have the best views. We enjoyed it Lake Jericho so much we extended our stay two additional nights. There was a dump station, bathrooms with showers, and run down playground in the center of the park. I would avoid the bathroom if you can, they could use some updating and cleaning.

We went for a walk around the lake our first night there and were invited to someone’s deck to enjoy a drink and good conversation. Meeting new people from all backgrounds and walks of life is one of the true perks of traveling full time. We took advantage of the beautiful lake and weather during our stay. One morning we went for a 2 mile bike ride through the park. While the distance itself wasn’t very long the hills out there are huge, at least for us flat land Floridians, so it felt like way more of a workout than a typical 2 mile bike ride.

Later we took our new kayak out for a ride on the lake. It’s easy and relatively quick to blow up and held up great on the water! It was a more affordable choice in the arena of inflatable kayaks, so if you’re interested in the exact one we have, you can buy it here from amazon for just under $100. We had lunch on the kayak enjoying the sounds of nature and breeze. It was a relaxing way to spend the day. If you’re into fishing this lake was filled with enormous cat fish. We would have loved to catch a fish or two but don’t have fishing poles yet. We will definitely be returning so I guess it’ll have to wait for next time.


  1. Tony Sapp

    Thanks for info ? we may check it out this week

    • EatSeeRV

      Hope you enjoy!

  2. Ange

    Can you swim if tent camping by the lake?

    • EatSeeRV

      I’d imagine so!