The 7 best baja california beaches

The Baja California Peninsula has many incredible beaches from the Pacific coast to the Sea of Cortez. These 7 best Baja California beaches are not always the easiest to reach but they are worth the effort to get there! If you’re planning to RV Mexico or just take an epic road trip down the Baja Peninsula by car, make sure these amazing beaches are a stop. You might not find many of these beaches on your typical tourist list which is what makes them some of the best beaches in Baja.

Don’t forget if you’re planning to drive your vehicle in Baja California, you’ll need to purchased special Mexican liability insurance before you enter the country. This is not optional!

Playa El Requeson

Playa El Requeson Baja California Beach

Playa El Requeson is arguably the most famous beach along the Bahia de Concepcion with its notably long sandbar connecting the beach to a nearby island. During low tide you can walk across to explore the mangroves. This beach is one of the best places for beach camping not only for its scenic cactus-filled mountain surroundings but because you can set up camp right next to the clear blue water.

Vendors will come by during the day selling ceviche and fresh almejas chocolatas or chocolate clams. Served raw with a little lime juice, hot sauce and salt, these brown bivalves are a local delicacy in Baja.  

Playa El Coyote

Paddle Boarding in Baja California Beach Playa El Coyote

Located along the Bahia de Concepcion within a 30 minute drive of neighboring town Mulege, Playa El Coyote is one of the most beautiful beaches in Baja. Surrounded by desert mountain landscape this protected bay has tranquil water, great for swimming and stand up paddle boards.

The water is also super clear making fish visible even after dark. There are plenty of beach campsites with shady palapas dotted along the shore within feet of the water. Just make sure to wake up early enough to witness an epic sunrise.

Playa Isla Coronado

Boat on shores of Isla Coronado Baja California.

To find the most beautiful beach in the pueblo magico of Loreto, you will need to hire a boat. Luckily there are many tours ready to take you out to Isla Coronado, an island located just off the coast in the Bay of Loreto National Park, a protected habitat.

The guide will take you around the volcanic island to see interesting lava formations, abundant marine wildlife including dolphins, sea lions, birds, and the most beautiful beach. The tours last half a day but we did meet some people who were dropped off for an overnight camping adventure, so that might be an option if you’re ready to rough it. 

The tour ends with some time at Playa Isla Coronado, a virgin white sand beach with crystal clear water. Whether you use this time to swim, snorkel or just kick back and relax with some cerveza (BYOB), this is one of the best places to visit when you travel through Baja California Sur!

Playa El Tecolote

If the famous beach of Playa Balandra is too crowded (Balandra has a set capacity of 200 people and tourists from neighboring Los Cabos will bus in for day trips), check out nearby Playa El Tecolote a little further down the road.

Playa Tecolote Baja California

Just outside of the capital city of La Paz, Playa Tecolote is more of a local’s beach with soft sand, clear waters and plenty of restaurants selling delicious fresh seafood and ice cold cerveza. While Balandra is known for its shallow calm waters which can be great for families with young children, El Tecolote is the best beach outside of La Paz if you like to swim, kayak or just relax.

Be aware that this beach can get crowded on the weekends because of its proximity to the largest city in Baja California Sur. 

Playa La Ventana

La Ventana Baja California

Travel off the beaten path to find the beaches of La Ventana, a small village known as the kitesurfing capital of Baja. If you aren’t into kitesurfing you can still enjoy a refreshing swim in the deep blue waters. La Ventana has an amazingly laid back vibe and is one of the best places to relax under a shady tree just listening to the crashing waves.

Playa El Arbolito

Playa El Arbolito Baja California Beach

Cabo Pulmo National Park is home to the only living coral reef in the Sea of Cortez, which makes it a diving and snorkeling paradise. The motto around Cabo Pulmo is “Bad Roads, Good People” and after driving down miles of bumpy dirt roads you will understand why. But be patient, for you will be rewarded with some of the most beautiful untouched beaches in Baja.

If you don’t want to take a guided dive tour, Playa El Arbolito is the perfect place to enjoy this national park. A mix of rocks and white sand make up the shoreline of this beach where you can dive right into the water with your own snorkeling gear and be instantly transported into an underwater wonderland.

Playa Cerritos

Playa El Arbolito Baja California Beach

A hippie surfer paradise, the low-key beach town of Los Cerritos has one of the best beaches in Baja California. This long stretch of beach outside of Todos Santos has consistently great waves with surf shops and schools ready to get you out on the water. After a day of hitting the waves, take in a stunning sunset at one of the beach bars or seafood restaurants. 

What makes all the beaches of Baja California so beautiful is the stunning desert landscape juxtaposed with the water. A road trip down the peninsula is the adventure of a lifetime and visiting its many beaches a must. Don’t be afraid to go off the beaten path to discover the best beaches of Baja!


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