7 amazing waterfalls in mexico you need to visit

We had no idea how diverse Mexico’s landscape was until we spent 11 months RVing across Mexico. From canyons to cliffs, and absolutely amazing waterfalls, Mexico’s natural beauty begs to be explored.

Cenotes seem to get the brunt of tourists attention on a trip to Mexico. But visiting the many waterfalls of Mexico is well worth your time and effort as it can make for the most magical experience.

If you’re planning a trip to Mexico here are 7 amazing waterfalls in Mexico you need to visit on your next trip.

what to bring when visiting waterfalls in mexico 

Swimsuit – Swimming in most waterfalls is allowed so make sure to bring your bathing suit. We love Andie Swim’s eco swimsuit line which uses recycled plastic for their form fitting suits.

Quick Dry Towel – There are plenty of high-quality, fast-drying towels on the market right now, so there is no reason to pack in bulky ones that take up unnecessary space. Our favorites are from Teslate but these Turkish towels from Amazon are great too.

Water Sandals – Traversing the landscape around the waterfalls can be tricky. We highly encourage a good pair of watershoes with traction. Dennis loves his Earth Runners.

Water and Snacks – Make sure to have fresh water and snacks on hand. Most waterfalls won’t have stores nearby if you get hungry or thirsty, so it’s best to bring your own. We suggest bringing a reusable water bottle like this Camelbak that has a lifestraw in it to help filter and remove any unwanted chemicals like chlorine, lead, and organic matter.

Sun protection – We are not big fans of sunscreen. Most are actually toxic to your body and known to cause skin cancer. It’s also bad for the environment you’re swimming in. But if you must use sunscreen we recommend this brand, which has no harmful ingredients, uses zinc to block the sun, and is environmentally safe.

If you’re okay ditching the sunscreen make sure you have a sun shirt and hat with you. We love Free Fly apparel which uses bamboo and has 30 SPF protection. It’s also a good idea to have a buff to protect your neck and face.

Dry Bag – If you’re bringing any filming equipment (like a GoPro) to capture the beauty and the fun at Tamul waterfall, make sure you have a dry bag with you.

When is the best time to visit the waterfalls of mexico?

The best time to visit the waterfalls in Mexico is during the dry season which lasts from October to late spring April/May. The summer months have frequent down pours which can make a trip up the river to the fall dangerous or impassable. 

things to know visiting the waterfalls of mexico

If you’re going to explore Mexico’s beautiful waterfalls, please remember to leave no trace. The landscapes are delicate and visitors can leave a lasting impact without realizing it. Always pack in and pack out what ever you brought with you and be respectful of others who are also visiting.

1. Cascada El Chuveje: Sierra Gorda, Queretaro

El Chuveje is located in the Reserva de la Biósfera Sierra Gorda, a natural preserve in the mountains of Queretaro. Driving into this mountainous region is not for the faint of heart but well worth the effort because it contains some of the best waterfalls in Mexico. The trail to El Chuveje is an easy 1.5 miles through a tranquil forest along a fresh river stream.

There are plenty of picnic and tent camping areas along the trail leading to the waterfall. At the end of the trail you will reach an impressively large waterfall and a pool of water underneath that is perfect for a refreshing dip. Make sure to include this beautiful waterfall in your bucket list.

Person walking in front of El Chuveje waterfall.

2. Cascada de Tamul: San Luis Potosí

Couple smiling in front of Tamul waterfall and Tampaon river in Ciudad Valles, Huastecas, Mexico.

If you have a sense of adventure, float down the river through a canyon and visit Cascada de Tamul. At 344 ft, this waterfall is the tallest waterfall in San Luis Potosi.

In fact, San Luis Potosi is known for its many rivers and beautiful waterfalls so base yourself in Ciudad Valles and set aside a few days to visit this area of Mexico. To get a close look at these spectacular waterfalls, you will want to board a one hour boat tour that takes you down the river through this stunning region. A visit here makes for an unforgettable travel experience in Mexico.

3. las Grutas de Tolantongo: hidalgo

Las Grutas de Tolantongo is a hot spring resort located deep inside a box canyon. Though Las Grutas is arguably more well known for its photographic warm cliffside pools, the resort also has an incredible hot waterfall that cascades over the entrance of a huge cave.

Las grutas Tolantongo Mexico river with waterfalls
Las Grutas Tolantongo Mexico Travel Hot Springs

Walk under the beautiful waterfall to explore the water filled cavern and soak in the healing waters. You can camp at Las Grutas in either your RV or tent or rent a room from one of the many hotels on site. Give yourself a few days to enjoy all this extraordinary resort and all it has to offer.

4. Cascada de Texolo: Xico, Veracruz

Just outside of Xico, Veracruz is one of the most beautiful waterfalls in Mexico. The Cascada de Texolo is a massive 80 meter waterfall surrounded by a mountain cloud forest. A steep but quick hike will get you down to the bottom of the falls or you can walk across a suspension bridge to see them from above.

Texolo is one of the best waterfalls to visit during the rainy season (June-September) when the water becomes a powerful force making a real spectacle to behold.

Person standing in front of Cascada de Texolo in Xico, Veracruz.

5. hierve el agua: Oaxaca, mexico

People standing in Hierve El Agua Oaxaca.

Though technically not a moving waterfall, Hierve El Agua is a petrified waterfall in the mountains of Oaxaca. Not far from Oaxaca city, it is easiest to take a cab ride to enjoy Hierve El Agua for a day. The first thing you will see are the many green pools of water above the “waterfalls”.

Jump in, relax and take in the views of the surrounding mountains. As you hike down past the pools you will discover the frozen waterfalls, petrified in stone. Over the centuries water and sediment has dripped down the cliffside from the pools to create this natural wonder. Add this to your Mexico travel bucket list and experience a truly unique place in Mexico.

6. Cascadas agua azul: Chiapas

Agua Azul waterfalls Chiapas Mexico.

Chiapas is a state known for its many beautiful waterfalls but Agua Azul is by far the most famous. About an hour and a half drive from the ancient Mayan city of Palenque, Agua Azul is characterized by its stunning blue waters and many small waterfalls.

Tucked into the jungle, the many waterfalls create natural pools as they run down. The best time to visit Agua Azul is during the dry season to observe the clear turquoise water. During the rainy season debris and mud can cloud the water and take away from the waterfall’s stunning beauty. Be prepared for crowds however, it’s popularity means there will be loads of vendors selling goods and snacks along the river with lots of people.

7. cascada roberto barrios: Chiapas

Agua Azul waterfalls Chiapas Mexico.

If you want fewer crowds but aren’t willing to compromise on beauty, look no further than Roberto Barrios waterfall in Chiapas. Not a far drive from Palenque, this off-the-beaten-path waterfall is home to dozens of different waterfalls that visitors can walk on, swim in, and jump off of.

These are just a few of the best waterfalls to see in Mexico during your travels! If you are RVing or driving through Mexico you will likely encounter many lesser-known waterfalls as you explore.


7 Best Waterfalls in Mexico.
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