visitingĀ CarlsbadĀ caverns national park

Located just over the boarded of Texas in New Mexico, you can find Carlsbad Caverns National Park. We made a pit stop there as we headed north. In our new video talk about the park itself, what to know before you go, and if it’s worth a visit or not.

It was really challenging to get quality video without proper lighting in the cave so unfortunately the video is mostly us talking about the experience. The good news is that means you have to go there for yourself to see how amazing the caves really are! It was one of our favorite parks we’ve visited thus far. Absolutely incredible! There’s something about being inside a cave (especially one this magnificent) that makes you feel so small, so insignificant. I can’t help but be amazed when I look at a cave formation that is ten times the size of me and think about how many millions of years it took to form. Science and our world is such a fascinating place!

Like Dennis said in the video, don’t forget to take some time in your way in, or out, to learn a bit about the history at Carlsbad Caverns and hopefully see some wildlife! There is plenty of it in that area. Aren’t those goats just the cutest?!


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