Our Top 5 Unexpected Things of Full Time RVing

When we decided to move into an RV full time and work remotely, we knew there would be a learning curve. We had never RV’d before and literally knew nothing about how to operate or drive one. We figured we’d learn quickly, I mean if retirees can do it no problem, we should be able to as well! Now that we’ve been living and traveling in our rig, Mo the Momentum, we can safely say we were right on all fronts. There was a learning curve; a big one. Most importantly, we were capable and are capable we just weren’t quiet ready for some of the other stuff that comes along with hauling your home around the United States. We thought about our top five things we weren’t expecting as full time RV’ers and break them down for you in this video. If you’re starting out RV’ing or about to make the leap to full time we hope these help you be a little more prepared for the adventure you’re about to embark on!

Hope you enjoyed the video! What did you think were the most unexpected parts of full time RV’ing? Were the similar or totally different? Please share, like, or comment below. We love hearing from our readers and appreciate your viewership.


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