The Real Costs after
Buying an rv or Fifth Wheel

Okay, you did it! Or in this case, okay, WE did it. We bought our RV! The big expense is over (purchasing it out right or financing, either way it’s a pretty penny)…or not. After buying our RV we realized there were a TON of items we were unaware we needed in order to operate and live on the rig that ended up adding up to some major mula. The expenses continued to build once we got the rig mobile. Travel and parked are two very different “rig ready”. If we had attended an RV course, or opted to learn pretty much anything about operating an RV before we bought one, we probably would have been in a better situation, but being the complete newbies we were, we honestly had no idea all that was needed.

This video and posts talks about the real costs after buying an RV or fifth wheel, exactly what items we needed (that we hadn’t thought of) ,what we bought to make our fifth wheel comfortable to live on & organized, and what we needed to make it mobile. Hope you enjoy!

That’s a long list isn’t it…. Here is an itemized list of the real costs of buying an RV or Fifth Wheel.

Extra items needed to Live in the RV

Total: $359.50

Extra Items Needed To Make an rv Mobile


Total: $1,490 (Your cost will be less if you have a Class A, Class C, or Class B Motorhome without a Tow Package)

Items we wanted to Make it our own


Total: $2,508

Grand Total: $4,358.00

I know it may seem like a lot, we were really surprised at the grand total as well. We hope this post helps shine some light on some of the hidden costs that happen after you buy your RV or Fifth Wheel so you can better prepare or save (unlike us)! *Remember our costs are simply are costs, it could be more or less for you depending on your RV, how you want it to be organized, feel, or want/need to achieve that goal, but for us the real costs after buying an RV or fifth wheel were huge!

We’ll continue to add more posts in the about the other items we ended up purchasing for our RV, show you around on an RV tour, and the reason why we installed a composting toilet on our rig. I’d love to hear if you had a similar experience and what the real cost after buying an RV or fifth wheel was for you.



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