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It didn’t take us long as full-time RV’ers to realize our preferred method of RVing is boondocking. That started us on a long journey to learn about how RV solar could help us enjoy camping off grid (without electricity) more comfortably. Our RV solar series is a place where we share what we’ve learned, what we’re trying out, and all things relating to RV solar. Hopefully it helps you navigate adding solar to your RV.

Installing our RV Solar Panels

Whether you RV part-time or full time, RV solar panels can make camping without electrical hookups more comfortable. See how to install RV solar panels.

Calculating RV Solar Needs

Whether your a weekend warrior or a full-time RVer, having solar on your RV has some major benefits. See how much RV solar you actually need.

Liz & Dennis

Liz & Dennis


We’re two travel-loving, real estate investing, foodies exploring North America as full-time RV’ers. This blog is where we share our lessons learned, tips and tricks, and favorite places to eat, see, and RV across North America! We hope it helps you find your wanderlust, plan and prepare for RV life, and get out on the road!


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See how Natalie and Abigail from Lets Play Ride and Seek financially support full time travel in their custom built van.

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Planning on RVing in Mexico? Learn realities of RV life in Mexico and what to expect before you go to help you better prepare and plan your big trip.

Puebla Food Guide

Puebla, Mexico has way more to offer than beautiful scenery. We go on a self guided walking tour showing you their unique culinary scene. I hope you’re hungry!

Mexico Travel: Las Grutas Tolantongo

If you’re planning to travel Mexico make sure to add Las Grutas Tolantongo to your bucket list and explore hot springs, waterfalls, caves, and caves.

RV Mexico: Guide to Driving in Mexico

Planning to RV Mexico? This guide to driving in Mexico will help you prepare for your trip whether you have a car, trailer, RV, motorhome, or van.

Mexico City Travel Guide

Mexico City has so much to see, do, eat, and explore. Here are our top recommendations for visiting CDMX.

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