We decided to RV because of the comfort and freedom it allowed us as we traveled and explored North America. We knew nothing, zero, nada, about this lifestyle before we took the plunge. While YouTube was a godsend to us as we prepped, prepared, then prepped some more, we’re still learning every day. The goal for our RV posts are to talk to you about the realities we face living the full time RV lifestyle and sharing with you the accidents (ah hem, I mean lessons) and everything else along the way!

Calculating RV Solar Needs

In this video and post, Liz and Dennis share the calculation process to determine how much RV solar you need for your specific rig so you can get the right amount of RV solar for your needs!

Intro to RV Solar

In this video and post, Liz and Dennis explain how RV Solar works, what is needed for entire solar set up on your rig, how much it can cost, and if RV solar is needed for full time RV’ers. If you want to learn more about RV solar, get started with solar on your own rig you won’t want to miss this post!

How to Plan RV Route

See how Liz and Dennis plan their RV route. They even share their top 3 resources they use to help them find camp sites, cool and unique excursions, restaurants, and more!

What it Cost to RV Full Time | Year 2 RV Budget

Our first year as full time RVers cost us way more than we ever expected. We’re following up and sharing our projected cost to full time RV in year 2. We expect to cut our costs by 1/3 in our 2nd year. See our updated RV budget and what we feel is a more realistic idea of what it cost to RV full time.

Our Budget 1 Year Full Time RV Living

We share our actual 1 year of RV expenses so you can see what it cost us to RV full time. We break down where we spend our money, how much we spent in our first year, our average for each month, and things to plan for in your full time RV budget.

Choosing an RV

In this video we share with you why we chose our rig and what the pros and cons of each type of RV are to make choosing an RV as easy as possible!

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