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We get asked a lot how we’re able to travel in an RV full time at our age. Most people assume we’re trust fund kids (we have been asked that SO many times) or that we’re living off our savings. Like many full time RV’ers in the 20 – 50 age bracket, we work on the road. While working remotely for a company or corporation is 100% a thing and an option for many full time RVer’s, we are actually entrepreneurs and real estate investors. We realize that statement comes with a ton of questions which is exactly why we created the video below to share how we make money and travel. The video below explains how our┬áspecific niche of real estate investing, non-performing mortgage notes, allows us location independence, to be our own boss, and make money and travel. In addition we share what it takes to get started in note investing, what a work week is like for us, and what it takes to become a note investor.

As we mentioned in the video, anyone can invest in notes, however investing in notes is not for everyone. Being on entrepreneur is hard. Investing in real estate and running your own business takes a lot of time, dedication, and effort, especially as you’re getting started. We created our note investing business, Seasoned Funding, LLC back in 2013 and it took around 4 years to really see it replace our income from our 9 to 5 jobs. It is a 100% not a get rich quick business. It’s a, work hard, learn a ton, take action, learn more, revise your business, and finally see the results from your efforts of years prior, kind-of-business.

We’re sharing note investing with you because it’s how we make money and travel and after all, that’s why you’re reading this post isn’t it? We absolutely love the lifestyle investing in non-performing notes has allowed us. The freedom to work wherever we want when we want. Opportunity to make money as we travel. The time freedom to create our own schedule and be our own boss. As long as we have internet and cell phone connection, we can work! It doesn’t hurt that we can help people in this line of business as well. It’s pretty amazing to be able to help people and make money while doing it!

There are plenty of other ways to make money and travel that we’ll be sharing in a series we’re calling “Make Money and Travel | Ways to Make Money Remotely” where we share real stories of how other full time travelers are making money on the road. However, if you are looking for a possible way to replace or increase your current income, to be able to quit your job, have location independence and travel, or own your own business, investing in non-performing notes could be a great opportunity and solution for you!┬áThere is a lot to learn and as with anything, education is key. Liz and two fellow active, successful note investors, Kimberly Banks Fawcett and Chase Thompson started Note Investing Academy, an online education program to help people learn how to invest in notes. This program is everything we wish we had when we started learning about note investing 5 – 6 years ago. It’s super extensive, covering absolutely everything you need to know about investing in non-performing notes from the very basics, to the complex. Also it’s online, so you can learn from anywhere (hello location independence) and learn at your own pace!

We have a free case study that shares more about what note investing is, why investing in non-performing notes is possible in today’s market, and real deal examples that show you how you can profit by investing in notes.

If you want to sign up to Note Investing Academy use the code “Liz” to get $250 off!


If you’d like to read more about Investing in Notes here are a few articles, blogs, or podcast’s I would recommend.



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