Why We Chose a Mototote Hitch Mounted Rv Motorcycle Carrier

Want to RV with a two wheeled vehicle? Take a look at why we went with an RV motorcycle carrier after we downsized from our giant fifth wheel toy hauler. The whole point of downsizing was to have a more nimble travel style but giving up the joy of seeing America on two wheels wasn’t an option! We knew we did not want to tow a utility trailer behind our new rig because adding that much extra length would defeat the whole reason we downsized in the first place. That’s why we decided to get a Mototote hitch mounted RV motorcycle carrier gives us the best of both worlds allowing us to comfortably bring our Xmax 300 scooter with us while we travel and keep our overall length to a minimum! Take a look at why we went with Mototote’s hitch mounted RV motorcycle carrier. Scroll down for a sweet discount if you want one too!

Our favorite features of our mototote

There’s a lot to like about the Mototote MTX sports but here are our favorite features.

  • Integrated front wheel chock that holds the bike upright while you’re strapping it down solo.
  • Modular design so you can change the load or unload orientation or the width of the carrier itself depending on the wheel base.
  • It’s beautifully designed, air craft inspired tubular steel throughout the entire set up.
  • Has an extendable hitch mount if added space is needed.
  • Weighs around 60 lbs. and can carry up to 600 lbs. which is more than most hitches will allow.
  • Loading ramp is hidden nicely behind the carrier.
  • Zero wobble hitch bolt to minimize sway as you drive.

We did have to modify our hitch carrier to extend beyond the “bumper” on the back of our Fleetwood Pulse. At the time, we didn’t realize that Mototote had an extension available for purchase, so we ended up getting an experienced welder to add an extension and reinforce the hitch mount and underneath the RV.

Some people are concerned about having your scooter or motorcycle hang off the back of your RV, but honestly if you have a quality carrier and checked your towing weight capacity you should be safe! We have driven ours around town to test it out and it does very well. We’ll update this page with a more detailed review after we’ve had it for a while, but for now we are super happy with our Mototote hitch mounted RV motorcycle carrier.

If you want to buy the Mototote motorcycle carrier for your RV you can get an exclusive discount by shopping through our link. You save can save money on an awesome program while supporting the channel! 


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Liz & Dennis


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