How to Get Mail When You RV Full Time

One of the questions we are asked a lot is, “How do you get mail on the RV” ? It’s a valid question considering we’re moving constantly as full time RV’ers and we no longer have our own address to call “home”. Last week, we received a ton of mail and a few packages, so we decided to create a quick video that dives in out how we receive our mail on the road and other options you have if you RV full time.

Choosing Your Domicile    

What is a Domicile? Basically your domicile is the State in which your permanent address resides. When we decided to sell everything and move into an RV full time. That meant we no longer had a permanent residence to call home. That makes registering a vehicle, having a driver’s license, insurance, and all that important stuff that is needed when full time RV’ing quiet tricky. If you’re like us, and no longer have a permanent home base (or house in general), then you have to determine which state you want to “reside” in. The good news is, there are lots of services out there that allow you to have a permanent residence for domicile purposes, and provides you with a mailing address for mail purposes. Before you choose a service, you need to select your state of residency. Most people choose this based on state taxes, health insurance options, or vehicle registration and driver’s license laws and processes. South Dakota, Texas, and Florida are the most popular choices for full time RV’ers because of these reasons, but you will have to determine which state is best for you! Luckily, we’re from the good old state of Florida and still have all of our family and close friends there. Instead of paying for a domicile service to have a permanent address, we used a friend’s address. If you aren’t as lucky as us to have someone’s address to call home, we suggest using Escapee’s. It’s by far the most popular choice for establishing a domicile in one of the three states mentioned above for a pretty cheap fee. It also includes mail forwarding services which scans your mail so you can see it online, and then forwards to you when you have an address to receive mail.

Receiving Day to day Mail   

We decided to go with a different mail service, As we mentioned before since we didn’t need the domicile services Escapee’s offers in addition to the mail service, we went for a slightly cheaper service that still offers all of the online access, with mail scanning, archiving, and forwarding. The monthly membership is around $15.

Our mailing address is different than our actual domicile address. We chose a free mailing address in Michigan, but if you want a mailing address in California or Florida you have to pay an extra monthly fee in addition to your monthly membership. We like free, so we were good with Michigan. No matter what service you go with, we suggest going paperless for everything you can! You can do this by logging into your online accounts and choosing email or online  as your primary form of communication. We receive about 5 – 10 pieces of mail a month including our favorite magazine subscriptions and then get it forwarded to us when needed, or scanned and archived online if we don’t need the mail in hand. It’s awesome!

Labeling & Delivery   

If you are going to have your mail shipped to a future campground, make sure you call ahead to verify that you can have your packages sent there to begin with! We ordered a book a while back with amazon prime that we never received because we didn’t verify with the state campground before hand and found out they send back packages they receive for campers 😭. We sadly never got the book and never found out where it went. Most RV parks allow package deliveries, and we get our items shipped in well in advance to our arrival so we’re not waiting around for packages to be delivered. If you know your site # or campground # make sure to put in the shipping information as you complete your order, if not (most of the time we don’t know this before hand), we just put the RV park’s name, address, and then “ATTN Your Name”. If you are having packages delivered to UPS, call them to make sure they will accept them first. We’ve come across some UPS Stores that don’t allow this, but it’s rare. UPS Stores ask that you put your phone number on your package, so the shipping label will read something like this 👇

UPS – Hold for “Dennis Smith” (Insert Phone #)
UPS Address
City, State
Zip Code

UPS Stores charge $5 for small packages and $10 for large packages. If you are receiving a lot of mail or packages it may be more worth while to find an affordable (or more affordable) RV park to forward your mail to rather than UPS. If you have 3 or 4 packages the fees can add up quickly. Hope you enjoyed this post and found it helpful! As you can see getting mail is rather easy on the road. Mail day is now a day to celebrate!

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